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GeForce 2 MX on the Mac again.

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I posted this question before, but I got no replies. I need an answer.

I have tried several other 3D games on my new system and every single one of them works perfectly without any graphics glitches.

I have the latest official drivers and firmware installed, I have tried all resolutions from a fresh start after the prefs files have been deleted.

There is more than enough RAM alocated to CM.

Why is CM the only game that refuses to work properly? I can't bring myself to blame Nvidia when all other games I tried, including some made long before the nvidia card was around for the mac (Unreal, Myth II) work as advertised.

What is the deal?


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It's the drivers. CM uses some RAVE calls that the other programs don't (if they're even running RAVE code - they may be running OpenGL). The problem you described in your earlier post is the same one that others have run into on the Mac with NVidia-based cards. Hopefully it will be recognized by NVidia/Apple and a new set of drivers will come out sometime. However video driver releases on the Mac are far less frequent than they are on the PC, so it may take awhile before this problem is addressed.

The programs you checked out are probably the ones that NVidia and Apple checked for compatibility with the drivers (they have sold far larger numbers than CM has). Therefore they would be less likely to show problems. However every program can be an unique case because of the particular RAVE functions called and how they're implemented in the program. It's one of the major reasons drivers are updated every so often - they are not written to accomodate all the possible ways that API calls are implemented.

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Schrullenhaft, most of the games I tried only offered me either RAVE or Software rendering as options. I tried all Open GL versions from 1.0 to 1.2.2

Buckeye, I'll go check out the new drivers, my G4 is literally 2 weeks old, so I might already have this update unless it came out this week or last, I have tried the last available at the time and the installer said I was current.

Thanks for both your replies.


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As a follow up, the latest driver available is the one I have installed already, there was a file originated July 3, but it was from 2000. That one had me scratching my head wondering why I couldn't d/l it until I noticed the year. smile.gif

So on I go on my quest to find a solution to my problem.

To cut BTS some slack I've noticed a few graphics glitches here and there in other programs.

Maybe I should have gone with the Radeon.


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Sorry to hear it, Gyrene. Actually, I went to Apple's download site after I saw your reply, and saw that it was dated March '01, so I figured it wouldn't be new for you.

Until this gets fixed, it sounds like the Radeon ATI cards will be a better bet. Let's hope nVidia produces some drivers that address the problem.

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Kmead, that is the version I already have, 2.1.1.

Thanks for the link anyway.

So far the list of games that work fine with the current OpenGL 1.2.2 and Nvidia GeForce2 MX 2.1.1. :

-Tomb Raider (Tried demos for all versions)

-Tomb Raider TLR

-Descent 3

-Unreal Tournament

-Quake3 Arena

-Myth II

-Deus Ex


-Dark Vengeance

-Fly! (After Nvidia-specific patch)

-Rune (Demo)

-ST Elite Force

-Driver (Demo)

-4x4 Evolution (Demo)

-Star Wars : Racer

-The Sims

The fact that CM or CMBO Demo don't work like they should while all other games I tried, both in RAVE and Open GL work fine is frustrating to say the least


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