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Units dont show up on map ?


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Just checked again, they dont show up in a QB, but do show in the editor.

I don't know, shouldn't a "Quick Battle" always just be the Map, without the units, as they will be bought additionally.

Otherwise, predefined units should only be in a "Battle" ?!

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Mad Mike,

at least in CMx1 it was possible to do just that, building a QB map and putting some units on the map. Then, when you start the battle, it just would ask you if you would like to import those troops.

I assumed that in CMBN it would be the same.

OTOH, maybe I´m not clever enough and forget sumthing, that I have to do to get those units ....

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Hi Scheer,

I just had a look in the manual, I think for QBs you can only purchase units or let them be purchased automatically by the computer . It doesn't say anything about troops already being there pre-set by the map/scenario designer.

What happens if you open your battle "normally", via the "Battle" option (top-most option)?


Mad Mike

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