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Good H2H Scenarios for PBEM Matches

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A poster was asking for opinions on good meeting engagements scenarios with respect to H2H play. I've listed a number of excellent, balanced scenarios that I've played with other opponants. Note: Only a few of these are meeting engagements though. By balanced, I mean scenarios where the red force player actually has a chance to win the scenario due to various factors including but are not limited to higher level experienced red force TO&Es and excellent defendable terrain.

Others in this community are encouraged to add their favorites to the list. Remember, we are looking for balanced scenarios.

Armour Attacks v10

Clear the Way

Cry Havoc v05

Eid Offensive-Red vs Red

Just Another Day v01

Strengh and Faith-Red vs Red

UK Battlegroup Attacks

UK Armoured Assault

UK British Mettle

UK Cain and Abel

UK Outmaneuvered

UK The Crucible

USMC A River Runs Through It

USMC Clean Sweep VII

I will add more as I have time and when I've played them.

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I downloaded all on the list that are combatible for me (base + marines), but could not find any of the USMC ones listed in the repository.

I don't know why that would be. I believe though that the ones I listed USMC are actually those which came with the Marines module. If you still cannot find them...PM your email address and I'll send them to you.

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