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  1. You mean it should be over there:: http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/search-2/#search/category=CM+SHOCK+FORCE+[SCENARIOS] ? Only a few individual UK, USMC and NATO campaign missions are listed in the CMSF scenarios section.
  2. Are those still hosted somewhere? I could not find it in any of the repository-replacement sites.
  3. Looks interesting. Do you have any rules for initial recon ('?' symbols visible at CM scenario start) in the assault phase? E. g., if units spent at least 1 PzC turn next to each other without moving the initial recon in the CM scenario will be set to 20% and it will go up with each subsequent PzC turn without movement or assault action... The above is only a suggestion, maybe it is too complicated to track already. Nevertheless any simple rule for initial recon would be a nice addition.
  4. The Airborne Assault series games are very good operational level games. When I first found out about Highway to the Reich I was thinking: "How could I miss this game for so long". All in it is very enjoyable! The sentence "easy to play but hard to master" is 100% true for these games.
  5. In this movie it is demonstrated how an infantry squad could be employed as recon patrol: At around 13 minutes you see how the squad approaches a suspected enemy position. The squad splits up and three men (including the squadleader) keep advancing towards the suspected position while the rest of the squad remains covered and concealed. The team approaching the position freezes after a few meters and pretends to have spotted enemies. They runs back into cover. If the suspected enemy position was a real one, they might feel identified and open fire and reveal themselves. If nothing happen
  6. Ah, yes. I know that one. I've played it once on every side in singleplayer. It was fun.
  7. Only 2 Red vs Red and none Blue vs Blue... Can anyone recommend more Red vs Red and/or Blue vs Blue?
  8. Lo escribiste muy bien packito! No comprendo todo pero con el contexto y las fotos está bien. Me gustaría leer las próximas partes.
  9. Recently I found out about a so called Progressive Command Simulation Series for TC2M (Take Command 2nd Mannassas – an american civial war realtime wargame on battalion to corps level). It roughly works like this: Players are organised into two armies with a division to corps and/or army level hierarchy. The army and/or corps commanders give orders to the division commanders via email groups. The division commanders then communicate with the „game master“ - the only person actually playing the TC2M game for both sides – to order their brigades around. All the division commanders receive si
  10. Erik, what you describe is known as a target reference point in CMx1. I was hoping they would make it into CMSF eventually but now the last module is released and they are still not in and probably never will be.
  11. I don't know of any popup or context menu when using the pause command ingame. It cycles through the various options (no pause, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 60 seconds, 75 seconds, 90 seconds).
  12. There are no popups in this game whatsoever. There are only context menus in certain situations, e. g. when you place a movement waypoint inside a multi-story building you can select the floor to move to or when acquiring weapons and ammo from a vehicle there is a context menu. Troops wait to execute their move order from inside a vehicle until the vehicle reaches its last waypoint.
  13. Good read again jnt62006. I hope watching your video AAR will (at least partly) answer this but I'm going to ask anyway: the engagement area is supposed to be your main kill zone where you open fire on the enemy forces and want to destroy them, right? Now it is very unlikely that all of the enemies will move through a defenders relatively small killzone at the same time. So when do you actually start to engage? If you wait to long the enemy will be very close to your battle positions or even spot and engage you before you do. If you engage too early (not enough enemies in the killzone yet)
  14. I only play WEGO in PBEM. Although RT is a nightmare if you have to manage more than a company on a big map I still almost exclusively play RT even in singleplayer.
  15. Thanks for the answers jnt62006 and gibsonm. I will take a close look at the second tutorial, I kind of skipped it to some reason. Guess I'll be back with more questions once I've read it and tried it out in the campaign or single scenario
  16. At the end of the day most - if not all CMSF scenarios - are based on attrition. Because of the limited scope of the game and missing features like exit zones and event triggers in addition to time triggered AI plans all boils down to completely eliminate your enemy in CM scenarios whereas in reallife he maybe would withdraw or delay you (also see gibsonm's quote below). The time limits are a result of those limitations I think. Without any time limits most CMSF scenarios would be a walk in the park where you could push your enemy to the corner of the map and eventually annihilate him so to sp
  17. That second tutorial is very helpful jnt62006! I'm very keen to read the sequels. Having read the armchair general articles on decisive point, purpose, task etc. I think your tutorial already has and will add a few puzzle pieces to the big picture in my mind. One suggestion to anyone: use paint.net for drawing your terrain analysis. It is a freeware software which lets you add layers to your graphics which you can hide or show as you like. This way you can add a layer for key terrain, avenues of approach, lines of sight etc.
  18. A good read in the beginning. I found the basics of the offense, defense and movement techniques too theoretical. If you have read the (Mechanised) Infantry platoon and squad / Company field manuals on globalsecurity.org you probably won't find out any big news. On the other hand: you don't have to reinvent the wheel. I hope future articles are going to be more specific. I'm looking forward to it What I found helpful are the Armchairgeneral Tactics 101 articles, especially: Decisive point Purpose Tactical task Main and supporting effort The reserve Intelligence preparation of the ba
  19. What about a series of tactical decision games / vignettes similar to these examples but adopted to the scale and reality (game mechanics) of CM: Tactical vignettes Tactical decision games E. g., someone would post a certain situation how it really occured in a scenario. Then you can submit proposals and the rationale behind it. When you use situations from actual scenarios the author could even attach a savegame file so you can take a look at the situation for real and try out the different proposals afterwards.
  20. Well, the German radio messages for calling in fire missions are the equivalents of the English terms: [I]English [/I] [I]German[/I] "Fire mission request" = "Feueranforderung" "Shot" = "Abgefeuert" "Splash" = "Aufschlag" "Fire for effect" = "Wirkungsschießen" "Adjust fire" = "Schießwerte ermittelt" "Check fire" = "Feuer einstellen" "End of mission" = "Feuerauftrag beendet"
  21. Talking about accents: I noticed most of the German voices ingame have a very heavy US or French sounding accent. Who did the voice acting for the Nato module (nationalities)?
  22. Not to forget that spotters with (good) C2 links can call in fire missions more quickly.
  23. Nice, I'm going to order it now. Can the bundle be installed if the game is patched to 1.21 already with Marines and Brits installed or do you have to reinstall and patch to 1.10 or 1.20 without installing other modules for the bundle to work?
  24. Same here. As well as the sounds when they were moving (sounded like Bradleys)
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