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please help a fellow wargamer


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i bought cmbb (cm2) at comp-usa about 2 weeks ago. i dl patches 1.01 and 1.02. i tried to patch and/or reinstall and patch many times. no luck. i posted asking for help in the general forum. i got 2 replies (thanks, guys!) saying i had illegal european version and i had to dl european patch.

how could comp-usa sell an illegal version?

i trried to dl the european versions. the only site to do that is cdv and it wont let me. says, "access from unauthorised site".

so now what? i cant patch up. and even if i do, what is to guarantee future patches will work with my "illegal version", which i paid legal money for and which is a game i LOVE!

can someone tell me what i should do?

thanks, fellow time travellers to a world of conflict and skill.


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CompUSA sold the CDV version because it's the only retail version available. Some distributor that CDV deals with sold it to some North American retail stores (so it is a fault of this particular distributor and not necessarily CDV). This issue has been settled apparently.

I'm not sure how CDV is supporting CMBB (Combat Mission 2 as they call it). There was the Combat Mission 2 website, which is giving the 'unauthorized access' for an HTTPS site (I have no idea what they're doing).

Here's a site to get the CDV Combat Mission 2 patch v. 1.02 - English (~15.6Mb).

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