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CMBB runs worse on new computer???

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Its been awhile since I played CMBB and I decided to install it on my new computer I built.

Well it installed fine,I patched it up and put my mods in.

I started a mission and the game would jump and jerk something fierce.The camera movement was not smooth and was real jerky.As was the game when I would watch a tank moving or infantry moving.They would be jerking across the terrain.Almost like the game was hesitating for a minute then continuing.

My old system that ran it fine was as follows..

P4 1.8Ghz CPU

768 MB memory

GeForce Ti4200 Vid Card

Santa Cruz Sound card

My new system is as follows

P4 3.0Ghz CPU 800Mhz FSB

1024 MB memory

GeForce FX5700OC card

Santa Cruz Sound Card

I have tried different drivers but get the same results.No other games that I run do this and everything else runs smooth as silk on the new system.Only the Combat Mission series wont run on it well.

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A Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card should be able to handle the 'ambient' sound within CM just fine. The latest driver I can find for the card is a few years old, v. 4193 (dated 6-27-03).

Ambient sounds tend to put a significant load on the sound card since it is a continually playing/looping sound file that's fairly large. However with sound cards like the Santa Cruz this shouldn't be too much of a problem.

You definitely have any on-board audio (if there is any) disabled, is that correct ? Have you installed any chipset drivers for your motherboard (Intel, VIA, SiS, etc.); perhaps there is some sort of PCI contention issue. Do you have any other PCI cards installed or PCI bus devices built-into the motherboard such as Firewire (IEEE-1394), a modem, etc. ? It's possible that the older Santa Cruz drivers may not like sharing IRQs with other devices (though ACPI forces this - as it would have on your old P4 1.8GHz motherboard).

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I had the same problem too-go into

msconfig and quit some programs

you don't need running that might help,

we have simular rig except I had a

5900 FX 256mb at the time I built new rig.

what's your mobo?


P4-3.0 Ghz

Asus P4C800E-deluxe

1-Gig PC-3200DC Corsair xms ram

Vid card-had Gainward 5900FX 256mb GS

Now-Asus 6800GT-256mb

CM was working awkward on new rig-

went into msconfig.exe stopped some apts

and then it worked fine XP is a resourse hog

there are other apts to in XP to be shutdown


[ July 31, 2005, 01:51 AM: Message edited by: TufenHuden ]

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