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  1. Yes, it's an offical bug... http://community.battlefront.com/topic/118147-stug-iii-bug-commanders-opening-up-at-point-blank-range/
  2. ASL vet - though it's hard to say what level of production they were up to in the fall of '45, the new JS III's were beastly tanks. It would be interesting to see a squad of each go at it... It certainly would have pushed the Super Pershing into mass production... Agreed Sublime, no doubt Allied tatics adapted and TOE's improved. There were outstanding troops of the 82nd & 101st AB, veterans in the Big Red One, and heroic individuals everywhere. But the majority of our troops A) suffered from poor leadership at the Company & Battalion level, and wouldn't move forward without massive artillery assistance. BTW, the Brits were in the exact same boat. And I'm talking about pre-Bulge here, not after it was clear that Germany was beat. Again, I found Hastings Overlord and Armageddon (which shines a focused spotlight on this topic) to be just as insightful & balanced (perhaps more so) than even Ambrose's missives.
  3. I think most of these scenarios would be focused on a Stalin push West. An Allied push East was simply unthinkable at the time, Patton's enthusiasm notwithstanding. Though Churchill knew what was developing as the Red Army progressed, the Allied high command was driven by soldiers, not politicians. Neither the Yanks or the Brits would have suffered those losses on the ground, though the previously mentioned air superiority (for the Allies) would be a big factor. I don't even want to analyze the use of atomic weapons on Soviet strong points, which would have (even if outwardly subdued) created a nation of terrorists for the West to contend with. Great read - both Overlord: D-Day and the Battle for Normandy, and then the follow-up Armageddon: The Battle for Germany 1944 - 1945, by Max Hastings. Summary for this topic would be - A) Germans had the best professional army (obvious, I know), The Soviets had a vengeful horde driven by a leader who didn't give two farts for casualty counts, and C) the Allies had soldiers who were products of basically ethical democracies. The progress of Allied troops through Europe, and especially Germany, was much slower than expected, even as resistance crumbled, driven by cautious commanders and GI's who wanted to make it home alive. Did we have manpower reserves after VE day? Yep. Were they low-value green troops? Yep. Was that already a HUGE issue with our current frontline troops? Yep. A co got it - we didn't have the will to mount a war against the Soviets after VE day. Nor am I saying that (in a conventional war) the Soviets would have done better against us in August of '45. Defensively, the Allies (along with every willing German POW, which would have been many) would have easily stopped Stalin in his tracks, esp. with air superiority. That's why he didn't do it.
  4. Gents, With the v 3.0 engine in place, I was starting a FI/GL battle & noticed that there were no SdKfz 251 mods in place. I looked in the Repository & GAJ but didn't see any FI/GL-specific 251 stuff... I'm I missing it? If I use the ones I have from BN, will they work? Many Thanks!
  5. Unless you're working at 4K (or three monitors), 2GB of VRAM should be okay...
  6. Sell your card, man - NewEgg is running a promo on the EVGA GTX 770 card I just bought (of course, 'cause I just bought one a couple days ago.)
  7. Whole rig is on the first post in this thread ('New Tower'), with the exception of the GPU change from AMD 7870 2 GB over to the Nvidia GTX 770 2 GB. Frame rate is pretty steady at 30, using the "Vertical Sync - Adaptive (half refresh rate)" in the Nvidia control panel.
  8. Phil Coulton commenting in the "Problem with shadows" thread in Tech Support (p.5) - " ...We actually use entirely different shaders for ATI/AMD cards, because we can't rely on them to follow the specs that work for Nvidia and Intel..." The culprit perhaps?
  9. I'll post something in Tech Support. Future drivers may change this. By the way, Tanks a Lot, I'm a huge fan of your semi-transparent tree mod. I think BF should make it standard-issue for CMx2 - have the option to cycle between no trees, just the trunks, semi-transparent (preferably user adjustable), and full foliage.
  10. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. I used Driver Fusion to uninstall all the AND/ATI stuff, and installed the latest Nvidia drivers. The new GTX 770 2GB loaded 'Test 1' (best/best) in 0:56 seconds. That's a direct comparison with an AMD 7870 2GB (latest drivers) loading at 3:25; the new Nvidia card & drivers are almost 4x faster at loading times. Beats the i7-4700QM/Nvidia G750M laptop by some 17 seconds (1:13 sec) as it should. More tomorrow,as warrants.
  11. Yeah, hedging my bet that I'll be playing at 1080p for awhile yet... it was either a GTX 760 with 4 GB or a 770 w/2 GB video RAM... I sorted through the usual benchmarks and the step up to the 770 GPU seems to be significant, so that's where I landed. I also have had good experiences w/EVGA hardware in the past, before I moved to ATI/AMD...
  12. One new Nvidia GTX 770 on the way. Happy birthday to me. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130921 I'll report back in a couple days.
  13. Yeah man, I cannot claim this to be a double-blind test with 50 separate systems, but we're getting down to GPU's and/or drivers; or Win 7 vs Win 8.1 factors, at least in my case. Tanks a Lot's example is just as indicative, it seems... The AMD 7870 does fairly well in-game, not flawless but with x16 AF and 8xAA on, pretty good.
  14. Good to know... normally, if I commit to something like this, I'll try to get something sorta future-proof (4K CMx3 capable - maybe a GTX 770 4GB). After all, the whole point was to build the fastest CM machine possible... Still would like to post on AMD forums to see what they have to say for themselves; on Marthas Vineyard for a couple days vacation ("va-ca-tion - traveling to some other desirable location only to mind your children as opposed to doing it at home.") so it may have to wait. Could order the 770 from here, tho... tell the wife it's a, a microwave part...
  15. Tough call. I have no problem 'returning' to Nvidia, mind you, but my options are... A) GTX 760 for $240 - no slouch, but a sidestep over from the AMD 7870 GTX 770, a nice upgrade, but carries a $320 price point. What I'd really like to do is borrow a friends' card and see if that works or not... suppose I could buy one and return it if all fails. Of course, it doesn't answer the 'why' part, but...
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