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  1. Barkhorn 1x, Duriel - When I rebuilt my tower this summer (and changed over from an AMD to an Nvidia video card) a ton of this was discussed & analyzed. http://community.battlefront.com/topic/114951-analysis-of-rt-senario-loading-times/ BF uses and entirely different set of shaders for ATI/AMD cards, and combined with some driver funk, equals slow senario loading times.
  2. This spring, I read the autobiography of German tank ace Otto Carius, "Tigers in the Mud". It's a great read, I highly recommend it - but man, that guy was constantly getting out of his tank to reconnoiter/communicate. It made a big impression on me as far as radio usage...
  3. I just picked up this new laptop with CM performance in mind (and, uh, my job if the wife asks) and didn't want to break the bank. And am happy (and a little embarrassed) to report it actually plays CM better than my desktop - a win7 Pro, AMD 965 BE processor overclocked from 3.4 to 3.7 GHz, Radeon 7870 2 GB video card tower. The 14" laptop has Win8, a Haswell Q4700M i7, Nvidia GT 750M (2 GB DDR5 vRAM) and 1TB HDD (but only 5400rpm), 8 GB RAM and set me back $799 when ordering direct from Lenovo (model Y410P). MY very first download was ClassicShell, which makes Win8 boot into a desktop
  4. You gents wanna expound on the computer hardware being used for both sides? High end rigs, or just biting off one small section of the battle at a time?
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