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  1. Well I got the game running as it should. I had to turn off the ambient sounds in the game.All other sounds are on. I took my computer to a local computer shop and they tested the parts for me and they all came back fine.
  2. I dont have any Anti-Virus software running.Thats all turned off.. The video card is the version that is overclocked by the factory not by me..I dont mess with overclocking. The motherboard is an ASUS P5P800. I do use WinXP Home Edition which is the same one I ran on my old computer.
  3. Its been awhile since I played CMBB and I decided to install it on my new computer I built. Well it installed fine,I patched it up and put my mods in. I started a mission and the game would jump and jerk something fierce.The camera movement was not smooth and was real jerky.As was the game when I would watch a tank moving or infantry moving.They would be jerking across the terrain.Almost like the game was hesitating for a minute then continuing. My old system that ran it fine was as follows.. P4 1.8Ghz CPU 768 MB memory GeForce Ti4200 Vid Card Santa Cruz Sound card My new system
  4. I for one will never download again from The Scenario Depot if it is implemented that I HAVE to write a review on a scenario to be able to continue to download.Forget that.I wont do anything that I am forced to do. I think the Depot is just fine as it is.I have no problem sorting through the scenarios to find what I want. I also would have trouble writing a review as I do not knitpick every little aspect of the scenario..I want to play and enjoy the game not spend the whole time I am playing looking to see if a wheatfield looks like it should or is the proper size for the area being represen
  5. A dual boot will work..As I am running one now.I have 2 80 GB hard drives and one is running WinXP and the other is running Win ME and both are running different driver versions.
  6. The file is now up at CMMODS..Name shown is CWorth [ May 01, 2003, 08:20 PM: Message edited by: Erwin Rommel ]
  7. Ill post it over at CMMOD Database http://www.cmmods.com/ It is the full song by Mike Curb Congregation. To save on size it will be in MP3 format and need converting to a WAV file. [ May 01, 2003, 10:35 AM: Message edited by: Erwin Rommel ]
  8. If you are into Kellys Heros I have a good version of Burning Bridges and have converted it to use in CMBO..Just seeing if anyone wants it. [ April 30, 2003, 05:51 PM: Message edited by: Erwin Rommel ]
  9. Wrote my review for it...now to see if it is put up.
  10. Is the CDV version of CMBO supposed to be sold in the US at all...As far as I knew it was not legal to sell it here..just wondering cause i saw it over at the Electonics Boutique site under PC games coming soon section as starting to be sold on 5/27/2003
  11. I would like to know what this .inf modification is that was talked about.. I have a Ge-Force 4 Ti4200 128 MB card and the 30.82 and 30.87 driver work just fine without me having to do any modifying to any files. Will this modification improve the working of them or what is it for.
  12. Thanks guys.. got it back to playing "Burning Bridges" I did by chance happen to install quick time just yesterday and that would explain the movie playing when I started it today.
  13. I have had CMBO installed for quite some time and never had a opening video ever play when I start the game..Now all of a sudden this video is playing when the game starts..Where did it come from and how did it start plying all of sudden.I had the song"Burning Bridges" playing as the opening song when the game started but now it wont cause of the darn video..how do i shut the video off?
  14. Hey bud Always good to have a new face come to these great games...One note one the 1.02 patch for CMBB..The last post from anyone from Battlefront said it will not be available for a little while yet So give that a bit of time..But here is a link to get you started Modding away.. Combat Mission HQ This site is run by one of the members of the Battlefront team And one more excellent sites for Mods CMMODS [ January 27, 2003, 04:59 AM: Message edited by: Erwin Rommel ]
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