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For Sale 1 Used Stug with Extra 75mm Windows

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Playing Knife Fight at Cecina a while ago I shot up a Stug at point-blank range, 30m, getting two full penetrations on the side and two partials firing at the front on an angle. Yet it slowly swung round and BLAMMO one dead Sherman. What's the most holes you have ever put in something only to see it carry on?

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Certainly as a game system it removes the feeling of complete control over the battlefield, but occasionally it does make me grumpy! Especially when my Vet Panther is koed by a single 45mm round through the side of the turret. I'd rather have that Mk IV of yours please...

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I remember getting 3 full penetrations on a Stug F with a 76mm ZIS-3, at close-mid range. The tank stayed motionless about 30secs then started reversing back. I couldn't believe my eyes.

But I also remember killing a Jagdpanther with a single (and first) side shot from a well placed SU-76. That was sweet. Both actions happened in PBEM games.

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