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Mac Mod Problems

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I downloaded velvet grass and a bunch of terrain made by the same guy yesterday. I have a Mac, so I used CM MacMod to tranfer them to the data folder, just like I have done every other time. However, when I tried to play, all of the trees (scaterred trees and woods) had what looked like A pink square around it. I would appreciate any help.

Thanks, Panther G

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some of the trees have masks (the pinkees, we call them) that are not the correct color. This causes CM to show the pink pixels that arent the correct value, instead of masking them out.

search this forum, as there are a number of posts that discuss how to fix them.


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Since you are using a Mac, Graphic Converter is a truly excellent program for this job or any other retouching you may need. Go to http://www.lemkesoft.com/us_index.html

and download the latest version, this software is worth every penny of the fee if you choose to use it in the future. Until you pay there is a delay at startup, but it is a full version. It can do some things even Photoshop cannot do.

To fix the bases or at least verify that they are indeed the correct color: open the offending file in GC. Using the magic wand tool, select the pure magenta area which should have a Hue angle of 300° Saturation 100% Value 100%. you can check this by clicking in the upper box in the lower overlapped pair of boxes in the tool bar to the right. This will open the color wheel, the colors characteristics will be displayed. If the color is different from what I have shown above, you can use the "Edit (menu bar menu) Fill selection with foreground color" command to change the selected area to the above color. you can enter the correct color in the boxes next to the color selection wheel. repeat as needed to change all the magenta to the right value.

Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes so we may better help others in the future. Thanks;

PS thanks for letting us know that you have the latest version of OpenGL (it wasn't on the list of possible solutions for you :D )

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The value for the pink that should be transparent is RGB 255,0,255. If any of these values are off, then you're going to see that color displayed in CM. Apparently the tree that you're having a problem with has pink pixels near its edges that aren't 255,0,255. This is a common problem with bitmaps that have highly irregular edges (such as CM's trees) if a mask isn't used during editing. Using manual tools to brighten, burn, etc. can affect the neighboring colors - and in this case the pink transparency pixels have likely been lightened or darkened - changing their RGB values and making them no longer transparent.

If it annoys you so much you can put back the original bitmap resource or find a replacement. Otherwise if you're really attached to it, then you'll have to extract it and edit all of the pink areas with the exact RGB values.

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