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New file uploaded to the Repository

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I have just uploaded a new single mission and custom map to the ToW Repository.

The mission is The Battle of Trois Points. This is an historical mission, modeled after the brave, but suicidal defense of the bridge at Amblieve during Peiper's rapid advance toward the Meuse in December 1944.

The map is modeled after current photos taken at the battle site as well as topographical data. I have restricted it to only the area concerned around the defense.

It is a small and short scenario...only 10 minutes, but that was the case of the real-world defense. If you are able to stall the panzers before they reach the tunnels, within the 10 minute time limit, the bridges at Amblieve can be demolished and the task is successful.

I would love to hear any feedback on this submission. Thanks!

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Some remarks :

German tanks have no ammo.

I don't know about the historical, but I could suggest some improvements :

+Add a squad with 2-3 bazzokas for US, and another gun, with apcr ammo.

+Send firts a recon patrol for the german, halftrach + infantry

+add 10 minutes, then send the german tanks

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Thank you very much for testing.

I will get to adding the ammo for the German tanks (yikes! I had them in my initial test, here, but I perhaps saved an earlier version and released it).

As for the OOB on this one, this is pretty much the historical parameters. Just one U.S. 57mm AT team supported by one lieutenant and a captain (oddly). The halftrack back at the crossroads was what they piled into after the gun was destroyed. Incidentally, the US AT gun only had 7 rounds for the battle!

In the original, historical battle, the Germans actually came down the road with no less than 19 (!) Panthers. Peiper, at that time, was barreling through the countryside with only his panzer units and did not have recons for the majority of his rapid thrusts toward the bridges.

Your suggestions, however, are what would -normally- be found in a typical German offensive; very good points!

Again, thank you very much for testing. I will upload again and send out a notice. Sure, it is a rather small battle, but part of this is to recreate a scene for a very good friend of mine. Perhaps someday, a screen capture of this can be used in educational situations or AAR visualizations for history buffs.

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I don't know this battle, but how can a single 57mm with just 7 rounds can deal with 19 panthers ?

The halftrack has no ammo too

If I have time, I can propose a "less historical" mission based on your work !

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Hi all!

I just updated the submission to have actual ammo for the Panthers (he he he...sorry about that) as well as to enable Fog of War.

As for the historical battle, the small AT team did not stop the advance, and seven rounds were horribly too few. What the team did, however, was to knock out the lead tank and have the others bunch up... This caused enough time to elapse to allow the engineers at the bridge at Amblieve to demolish it. That was the overall task: simply delay the panzers. The AT crew suffered heavy casualties and deaths, but the survivors high-tailed it out to the north. Peiper's tanks were going to take the shortcut by going over the Amblieve, but now had to go very far to the north to proceed west.

It was a suicide mission. The task is to simply delay the Panthers from getting to Point A before 10 minutes elapse. If you can do that, the bridge is blown and you have won... You may die in the attempt, however....

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