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  1. I don't remember seeing a question like that, but probably didn't read the text properly, as I had the impression I had been ask if I wanted to update the game anyway. When the error message appeared, I think I simply proceeded further with the install. I had the impression that the patch was installed correctly, but that the updater could not be updated. The main menu shows that the game as been patched to version 1.3.1, but the updater was not updated, it is still version Edit: To update the updater to version, I simply right-clicked the Autoupdater.exe file in the Autoup
  2. I got the exact same error while updating the game with the automatic updater (launched the updater by clicking the Kursk43 desktop icon with administrator right enabled). The game seems to have updated fine though; the problem seems to have been caused when the update tried to replace the file updater.exe or something like that
  3. Same thing here: I had three soldiers attacking a russian in hand to hand combat with no result even after more than 5 minutes struggling. In the end, I decided to force them to separate by having a tank driving over them. The russian finally stopped fighting, and moved away, trying not to be crushed, and was shot by smg fire.
  4. I have a german scout squad with around 90 scouting skill for each member, so scouting abilities have been upped for recon soldiers too, not only the recon vehicles.
  5. @ Paulverisor64: If you play on "normal" level, the ennemy will not have any advantage over your troops. It is the most realist mode, in the sense that neither your units, nor the enney have a boost to their morale and skill levels. In novice mode, your troops will be at an advantage, wether in veteran mode, the ennemy troops will be boosted in comparison to your own.
  6. The best is the first one in my opinion. The worst would be Kasserine Pass, followed closely by Sbeitla (no good deployement area, ennemies attacking before having a chance to redeploy to better defensive position, overwhelming ennemy superiority making the mission so difficult as to be no fun)
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