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  1. I was playing the same battle as Doc844 above and Unteroffizier Kurwel here has managed to solve the backblast problem of the shreck. Just shoot with your back to the open door!
  2. It happened during the "Lost Cats" scenario. I lost all four of my leaders that had the urge to use the .50 while under the command "no unbuttoned". All killed by small arms fire. But from your comments, it seems it might have just been bad luck. To get back on topic: Also from "Lost Cats", there is this rare kind of enemies that seems to enrage all the guns on the map!
  3. Love the Hellcat although... ...If anyone knows how to get those idiot tank leaders to stay buttoned up, I'd be extremely grateful !
  4. GUYS !!!! HEY GUYS !!!! Look around! There's a big pile of clues as to where NOT to cross the road.
  5. Does your question raise concern about the utility of the M1 in particular or the MBTs in general?
  6. Don't know if it is the only way but I simply run the youtube vid I want, click and select the address (the same as in your blue link above) then ctrl+v in the message body (right click and paste does not seem to work). like so: BTW, thanx for that link. I had never heard of that show/mini series before !
  7. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I used to get up early to play a few turns before going to school. Those polygons were the last and first things I'd see while a bachelor (and for some time after).
  8. I have that from somewhere I forgot, maybe it helps?
  9. Here's my welcome message to CMFI under Win10... Will try to fix it and see if it's the only one later on.
  10. Having just reinstalled it myself a couple of days ago, I know the feeling. I did not have the problem of "fingerprints" but it did tell me I had wrong serial to activate and needed to contact support. I ended up here and the community got me through most of it. But the activation was still denied to me. I tried all serial in many orders until it wouldn't even let me select the area to enter it. I clicked many times to no avail but then a simple ctrl+v worked, and all the modules activated one after another. Not saying that's what you should do, but that sometimes you should just b
  11. Oh Ok! So it's like this other game I have: IL2-Battle of Stalingrad. People who have bought the early version had a couple extra planes but those that got the regular version can still shoot and be shot by those planes, they just can't fly'em... ...and the whole "One ZIP to rule'em all!"
  12. Yes I am using a small 3.0 and a very large 3.11. So I stick with my weird 3.11 thingy and then re-activate CW and MG. Not sure it makes sense, but I'll try. Thanx EDIT: Ok, it worked but I confirm that it does not make a lick of sense to me! Within the "activation success" window, it shows I have 5 modules activated...? But it works, sooooo... A good weekend is upon me, thanx again.
  13. And from The Thin Red Line, I couldn't choose just one scene (in my top 5 movies of all time, all genres included):
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