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Body Language

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Hi all and welcome to my first post in what... 4 years?? Haven't been to this site in ages so I guess that qualifies me as a.. hmm... lurker absentia? as I wasn't a big poster to begin with anyways..

I see that most of the names I seem to remember seem to be gone as well. Oh well...

Anyhoo, I remember some years ago there was this one thread that caught my eye. It started out as a job interview skills thread then became a little more focused on body language and what signals it might send out inadvertently. Somebody posted a very interesting picture where you saw the positioning of the eyes and what it might indicate. Like low and to the left might indicate such and such.

I tried finding the post again, with no success. I tried the archives with no luck at all. (is the general forum even archived?) Anyways.. anybody that can help with locating a picture like that or for that matter the post I am talking about?

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Hi all and welcome to my first post in what... 4 years?


None of the GF threads made it through to the archives, so a search will give you squat, I'm afraid. A direct appeal to John Kettler might help - I haven't seen him around for a bit, but he seems to have a head for trivia and detail and might be able to remember the website address.

Good luck.

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I am afraid Google only came up with 900000 hits but those two were top. This was amusing:

Honesty and eyes Melissa Bateson and her colleagues Daniel Nettle and Gilbert Roberts, in the Evolution and Behaviour Research Group in the School of Biology and Psychology at Newcastle University, has done a fascinating experiment using a long-running 'honesty box', where people pay for something by putting money into a box

The simple experiment was to put two different A5 posters over the box, in a University common room, where it had been for many years as a way of paying for hot drinks. It was regularly used by around 48 staff, who were not told an experiment was taking place.

The poster had an image banner across it. On alternate weeks, the banner showed either flowers or a pair of eyes. And guess what: in the weeks that there were eyes, people paid nearly three times as much for their drinks! The poster was varied to include different gender eyes and different head orientations, but the eyes were always looking at the camera and hence at the person giving the money.

Dr Bateson said, "Our brains are programmed to respond to eyes and faces whether we are consciously aware of it or not. I was really surprised by how big the effect was as we were expecting it to be quite subtle, but the statistics show that the eyes had a strong effect on our tea and coffee drinkers."

Impression Management and Social Facilitation indicate how important it is for us to 'look good' to others. We are very sensitive to others looking at us as we feel that they are judging us in some way. This is so ingrained in us that even an obviously static picture will trigger responses that change how we behave.

So who's looking at you, kid?

Source: Bateson, M., Nettle, D. and Roberts, G. 'Cues of being watched enhance cooperation in a real-world setting' Biology Letters 2006


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The post you mention rings no bells for me, but I'd recommend you start watching the newish series "Lie To Me," since it revolves around just your topic of interest, figuring out what people are inadvertently revealing by body language and facial expressions they have no conscious control over. Generally, graceful carriage, proper attire and appearance, good posture, a pleasant demeanor, looking your interviewer in the eye, a firm handshake, confidence and open body language (no arms tightly crossed, for example) will take you a long way toward getting the job you want. I say this as someone who used to be a Registered Professional Employment Counselor (headhunter) in my college days. Good luck!


John Kettler

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