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Two suggested improvements to infantry fire

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Okay, instead of waiting for Steve, I ran a quick test.

I got a squad each of Red and Blue. I placed some Red vehicles in the way. Oh, this is what it looked like:


:) :) :)

Sure enough, as advertised, it was one way.

Now, don't get all upset... Steve has explained his reasons before. Search 'em. I actually support those reasons. For those of you who have any remaining angst over this, take a gooood look at that picture. I had to use the scenario editor 3 times to get this to work. With just one tank in the way, Blue was able to inflict casualties and pin the Reds (Blue still took hits.) I had to pen up the Blue until the tanks were empty and the crews corralled safely. I mean, does anyone think a situation like this is really going to happen?

I'm posting this to stop the inevitable whining about how unrealistic one-way LOF is and show how specifically the situation needs to be tweaked in order to make it a factor.

Plus, it was fun... :)



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Man, load up a scenario, put some infantry in one tile and an Abrams in another, target them and watch. Then you'll be 151% sure that it doesn't.

Okay, you didn't want me to send you the file, so I did what you suggest here. The result: a bunch of dead infantry. I can send you this file as well...

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Correct, friendly vehicles (dead or alive) block enemy fire. This is an improvement over CMx1 where vehicles provided no protection at all. There are, however, two problems with this that crop up from time to time:

1. It can be that a friendly unit will target, unsuccessfully, something behind a live vehicle. While at the same time the enemy unit can fire through his own live vehicle at the other side.

2. Target fixation can sometimes cause a friendly unit to wail away on a dead enemy vehicle and not hit a friendly unit behind it.

Now, as I remember it Charles introduced a fix a while ago which made DEAD vehicles behave the same for both sides. Meaning, they block LOF for both sides, which satisfies the bulk of situations that come about as a result of the two limitations mentioned above. But I have no time to confirm that at the moment. C3K, you can simply change those T-72s to be Knocked Out in the Editor and rerun your test.


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