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HQ Supply Question

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Stillwell sits in Kunming at 60% efficiency.

Why is Stillwell only at supply 8 instead of 10?

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The Highlighted City Sian is at 80% efficiency.

There is a Comuntist China General and a Chinese General both within range with valid road links to Sian but they both show supply ratings of 8 not 10, why?

From the manual:


HQ supply = 5 if out of normal supply

HQ supply = 8 if within range of resource with supply value 1 to 5

HQ supply = 10 if within range of resource with supply value ≥ 6

It drive me nuts when I cant figure out the reasons for limited HQ Supply

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I'm not 100% sure but I think terrain also affects the supply. In the first example Kunming is actually situated in a mountain. Second example there are mountains and rivers, unless roads negate the river effect on supply?

I dont understand what you are trying to say.

Even if the mountain effected the supply range of the city Stillwell would still be 'in range of a supply source >5'.

When a non HQ unit sits in Kunming it shows a supply value = to the efficiency of the city so that would lead me to believe the terain does not effect the units in the city.

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I just want to update the story.

On the next turn Kunming went to 70% efficiency with HQ Stillwell still in the city and still showing supply of 8. Seems to me he should have been at supply 10 for both turns.

On the turn after this my opponent pounded Kunming with bombers (has not rained one time on the Japanese turn in China) and thus Stillwell, who had moved via road one space away from Kunming, was showing the proper supply of 8.

Still wondering what the deal is.

Why does a HQ that can trace a supply route to a resource >50% (or even be sitting on the resource) not have supply 10?

ps This is still version 1.0



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If this is an error then you might want to check out what happens when Vandergrift is at Iwo in Motoyama, and has three bombers next to him. What you will find is even though Vandergrift has a supply of eight (Iwo recovered totally from scorched earth) is the bomber to the upper left of him has a supply of 5 where as the others have a supply of either 6 or 7. I changed the HQ mode and that didn't fix it. I tried every mode for at least three turns, and this problem remained. Unfortunately though I deleted the turn so I wouldn’t be able to send it to you to take a look.

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Scott, this looks like a misunderstanding of the supply rules and/or movement cost rules as well.

From Motoyama, the distance to the North East corner is only 1 as there is a road to that tile so the supply would be 8-1=7

To the North corner the distance is 2 as there is a Hill there with a penalty of +1 for movement. So this is regular movement which is 1 + 1 for the hill. Supply for that Bomber would be 8-2=6

To the North West corner the distance is 3 as there is a mountain with a penalty of +2 for movement. Regular movement is 1 + 2 for the mountain so supply would be 8-3=5

Hope this helps,


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Thank you for your quick replys and informative answers.

I really did not think HQ supply worked that way.

My only suggestion would be to have someone update the manual for future customers because the way it is written "in range of resource >=6" sounds like the distance does not matter as long as you are in range (ie less movepoints then resource strength from resource)

It should be written that HQ needs normal supply >5 to get full (10) supply.

Anyway great game really enjoying it.


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