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Now that the blue bar is back will be we able to switch tcp/ip - pbem again?

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The topic title says it all!

If I am correct the blue bar means the game calculates all the moves again before it shows the action in-game.

Would it be possible to re-integrate the feature of switching between game modes again so it is possible to start a game in tcp/ip and continue it with pbem?

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OK fair enough.

I thought it might be a fairly simple task for Charles -the skilled programmer he is- to include some sort of auto save or save option after the blue bar which generates a file you could send to your opponent and continue as PBEM.

Apparently I have little knowledge of the tasks required programming wise. :D

No harm in trying though, we've already got a 'no' for an answer so you only have a chance it will turn into a 'yes'. ;)

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Please, sweet lord, give us TCP/IP WeGo. I can't convince any of my Non-wargaming friends to play this game without it. PBEM is obnoxious to deal with, Hotseat is tedious beyond platoon-size battles, and I despise realtime, especially without a pause.

Playing an excellent sequel to a game that then lacks a feature that would allow me to share that experience with people ( And was included with the original) is DEEPLY frustrating.

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What is the sticking point for Ip WEGO?

Low level computer coding stuff that Charles explains to me every couple of months, my eyes glaze over, and then I promptly forget again :D

For Normandy the only thing we can offer is what we call the "compromise" system. And that is TCP/IP play with turns but no replay. We've had several discussions about this in the past and it's clearly better than nothing, but not everything people want it to be. Hence us calling it a "compromise" solution :P


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