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New Typhoon support aircraft

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Hi everyone,

I've uploaded a Typhoon support aircraft to the Battlefront files repository.

This is my small contribution to the ToW community. I started this project as a way to thanks Gnasher for his work on the British Bulldog campaign, and as an test to see if I was able to create new units for Theater of War.

My thanks goes to Dr.Jones for is utility MshConverter which made it possible, and to Sneaksie for their help an advice.

Please feel free to post any comments or critics in this thread.

A happy new year to the ToW community!


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I sincerely hope he says "yes & here's some gliders, parachutes & a bunch of other stuff!"

fingers crossed wishing, wishing, wishing.......... :)

The Panzer Lehr campaign looks sooo much better when the Tiffies scream in sowing death & destruction amongst your troops, as does British Bulldogs (You will need this mod for Beta 3!).

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