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Something odd about the compass?

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Is it just me or does the compass in CM:SF not work correctly?

Choose any map you like and set the time to about 06:00. This will give a nice sunrise in the east.

Turn the camera so that the sun is to your right. The red needle of the compass points straight up, indicating that you are looking north and the sun is to the east. All fine so far.

Now turn to face the sun. Since you are turning east, the red needle of the compass should swing to the left, telling you that north is now to your left. Instead it swings right, telling you that south is to your left.

Try it for yourselves. I think this is a definite bug.

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Yup confused me at first as well. I spend a lot of my time looking at these wee buggers when out on the hill, especially in winter, so I was thinking the same. But no it's the direction the camera faces. Thinking about it I'm not sure how you find out which way north is on the actual map. Hmmm I'll have to go and check that one :)

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No, you're not weird. The compass is, um, non-intuitive. In a perfect world, the needle would always point north and the compass card would rotate with the camera.

Or, better yet, the game would assume that you knew how to read a compass and do away with the compass/needle display and just show the current camera facing as a heading, e.g. "187" when you're looking 7 degrees to the west of south. :)

This falls into an obvious design decision where BF.C has to draw a line between making the user/player perform an action or do they just provide the result of that action. In this case, they decided it would improve the game for you to do the compass interpretation. (Of course, it is more difficult since the compass CARD points north, not the NEEDLE.)



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