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Problems with the 4th dimension


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That's a little something I have noticed in WEGO mode frequently.

Situation: I have a unit that can't or shouldn't move, for example an immobile vehicel or a MG team in a covering position, or a rocket launcher team. When I give a fire order to them, they will continue to fire on the same point for the whole turn.

Problem: Waste of ammo. It doesn't make any sense to fire three Javelins or a halfe dozen tank shells into the same building, sinze usually one javelin or one or two shells is enough to do the job.

The current solution to order multiple targets or to control the length of a fire mission is to give a movement order and change the fire orders at a waypoint. This works fine, except the unit can't or shouldn't move.

How about adding 'virtual waypoints' with a timer similiar to the pause command, but with the ability to change the fire orders at each virtual waypoint or in other words: 15 seconds fire on target A, followed by 15 seconds fire on target B etc.

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Sounds good to me. I always wanted something like that. Some might say "this is out of focus because a batallion or company commander wouldn't tell a single squad leader which weapon to fire and how". But on the other hand it is ridiculous to fire 3 Javelins at the same spot in 1 minute. I'd like to have it! I always got the impression from previews prior to the CMSF release that this was planned to be included anyway, so: gimme gimme gimme ;)

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While it's reasonable to figure that a company or batallion commander wouldn't tell a squad leader or HMG team leader how to fire and for how long, platoon commanders sometimes do, and (so far as I understand) squad leaders often give select-fire orders such as "Barrett! [the man in fire team A with the M249] Fire half a belt on the second-floor balcony of the building on the far left". Since the player acts as both the company/batallion commander for his side's force in a given scenario as well as the commanders of the force's component platoons and squads, it's not "out of focus" for the player to be able to specify "I want 15 seconds of fire on the third floor of the second building from the right" or "put an HE shell into that knot of trees at 11 o'clock", etc.

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