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Operation "Pooh" a different view.

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Well I'm three minutes into this operation and no-one's shot at me yet :-) It can't last.

My main reason however for posting this is the following. (It should not be taken as criticism of this wonderful game btw, simply as an interesting fact.)

I am not sure how many Americans realise that the word "Pooh" as used these days, and certainly not when the book was written, in the UK means, how can I put it? Hmm,


Usually human. Why people can't say excrement is beyond me, as it's certainly more acceptable that **** or **** (fill in as appropriate) but it isn't going to be very nice for a widow to say that her husband died in Syria in "Operation Pooh".

Unfortunate, but there it is :-(

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You mean A.A. Milne was trying to pull a fast one on us??

Actually "Poo" (spelled thusly) has a long tradition in America as a euphemism for **** (spelled thusly). Variations include "poo-poo" (and its urinary parallel, "pee-pee"), "poop," and the much-beloved "poopy."

In short, I think BTS already knew this.

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