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  1. Thanks to John at tech support. Once I confirmed my game code he got me the missing files right away!
  2. Hi Ultradave, I tried that and no dice. It still says I have two missing files. Everything seems to work, tried the campaign start and one battle and then a quick battle. All seems to be in order game wise.
  3. Just patched to the latest and then purchased CMFI R to V. I activated it and while everything seems right (started campaign) the "splash page" says I'm missing two files. CMFI Rome to Victory 210.brz (appears the same files just listed twice but some of the file listing is very hard to read). I"m not sure if this is a problem or not but figured this would be the place to start asking.
  4. Thanks! Not being particularly computer savvy this may be interesting to figure out. Was hoping someone had the scenarios already 'unboxed' to download somewhere (hint hint). An old board gamer here (SL and ASL) - know now to work cardboard pieces on maps pretty well, but pixelgruppen and files and mods... typically afraid I'll screw up the game. Should change my handle to PChicken
  5. How do you play a campaign mission stand alone? There are several throughout the CM series I'd like to do that with. Sorry - off topic. I am getting myself psyched up to start the storm. I made it through the first couple missions with very few losses and took one look at what I was up against in Storm and decided to take a break. I just know I'm gonna totally get my butt kicked!
  6. Yeah wow - I had to look to be sure it wasn't a photo of a Stug dropped into a CM background. Clearly not - but but... yeah... wow
  7. I have not tried this one. I still fairly regularly get my ass handed to me by the AI so I'm probably doomed from the start. I did reasonably well at the river of blood though so who knows? Googled battle of Singling... some rather amusing responses in the images. Battle of Sing Ling shows up - not quite the same thing.
  8. After mission in the one I played it was not where you did your final assault (I don't want to give anything away). There may had been another one there though, I ran my T-62 over there and gave everything that drove in the front gate a warm welcome so if there was another AC it never made it out of the BMP other than as smoke particles.
  9. In my experience playing that mission the same thing happened. I think the facing of the stinger team does not matter - I had 2 teams firing off in different directions during different turns. I don't think I have seen a stinger fire and have the helo hit something in the same turn. It seems like the helo usually aborts and attacks next turn (if not downed). It was interesting to see where the enemy air controller was (won't give it away) after the mission was over. They are always a prime target! I much prefer being on the side with the air power!!!
  10. I expect I'll see it when it comes out on Netflix or something. I'll stick with U-571, the most realistic and well acted WW2 movie I've seen (cough, cough, choke!). Saving private Ryan was reasonably good, enemy at the gates wasn't bad. I saw a movie called Stalingrad many years ago - that was a good WW2 movie.
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