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  1. Thanks to John at tech support. Once I confirmed my game code he got me the missing files right away!
  2. Hi Ultradave, I tried that and no dice. It still says I have two missing files. Everything seems to work, tried the campaign start and one battle and then a quick battle. All seems to be in order game wise.
  3. Just patched to the latest and then purchased CMFI R to V. I activated it and while everything seems right (started campaign) the "splash page" says I'm missing two files. CMFI Rome to Victory 210.brz (appears the same files just listed twice but some of the file listing is very hard to read). I"m not sure if this is a problem or not but figured this would be the place to start asking.
  4. CMFB, Normandy and even shock force now all will play normally for a while then the game freezes up - stutters (you can slowly move around the map in jumps and starts with your view). I have not installed anything new except malwarebytes. I tried disabling it - no good. If I restart a game saved game it will often run for a while before the semi-lock up. I tried changing to a different video mode - again, no good. WIndows 10. I did a fresh install of Shockforce, thinking it's probably the simplest of the series so should be most likely to work. No good. Any ideas?
  5. I googled and found this - and a few other links http://www.mosinnagant.net/finland/Finn-Helmets.asp
  6. If the tank isn't firing at a target it will rotate the turret to face the threat even as it pops smoke and backs up. If you are playing real time it's much harder to use the turret facings to get a direction of the lasing unit - you have to be watching it obviously. In turn based - it's possible to watch the tanks and get a fair idea of where the guy with the laser is hiding. I have not watched other vehicles to see if they 'point' to the laser or not. Just tanks.
  7. I'd pay for a full new game, and the modules. I just started playing it again after a year or more and am enjoying it quite a bit. The different hot keys drive me nuts, and I'm sure I'll go back to Black sea or one of the others at some point and have to re-relearn those now. Sigh. I suppose you could mod CMBS with some new maps and terrain to simulate a dessert/more open environment and get some of the feel of CMSF, but it would not be the same.
  8. I cannot get 7zip to work on anything for some reason. Every file it says 'may be corrupted' or something like that.
  9. I wish they'd have started with 1940, but then again the Normandy invasion and follow on campaign certainly would draw more interest and money. Getting the horse animations working could be a challenge - and motorcycle troops. RT is the one odd one, seems that starting with 1941 would make sense there, but the reason for 1944 may well be that it takes less work - the German's were largely the same as in the other CM titles.
  10. I get the the comment -" go sit down at the computer and kill some pixels" occasionally. Yes dear...
  11. I am usually getting my butt kicked by the AI but managed to get through this one somehow through good luck (not skill, I suspect) and won a major victory. Spoiler... I ran around the left flank and approached along the river - got lucky not bogging anything down. I do not remember my complete casualty numbers but I did loose 1 Stug and both Pz IV. I was doing well against the Shermans and troops in town, but had a little surprise from across the water. I wish the scenarios had ratings - newbie to expert - but then again if this one is causing others problems
  12. agree- think all the TC's would be that way rather than sticking half way out of the hatch! Half track gunners hunkering down behind the MG gunshield too for that matter.
  13. Thanks! Not being particularly computer savvy this may be interesting to figure out. Was hoping someone had the scenarios already 'unboxed' to download somewhere (hint hint). An old board gamer here (SL and ASL) - know now to work cardboard pieces on maps pretty well, but pixelgruppen and files and mods... typically afraid I'll screw up the game. Should change my handle to PChicken
  14. How do you play a campaign mission stand alone? There are several throughout the CM series I'd like to do that with. Sorry - off topic. I am getting myself psyched up to start the storm. I made it through the first couple missions with very few losses and took one look at what I was up against in Storm and decided to take a break. I just know I'm gonna totally get my butt kicked!
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