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Having major problems with AI editor... units refusing to move

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I have spent the last hour trying to get the AI to move along a simple four way point plan, and have nothing to show for it.

The intent of the plan is that the a Stryker with infantry cargo (each is designated as a separate AI group) will:

1. Move up to a waypoint.

2. Unload the infantry passengers.

3. Wait 30 seconds.

4. Move to another waypoint.

The Stryker gets to step 2 and unloads the infantry, but it then refuses to move or follow any more way points.

Here are the exact AI orders for the Stryker group:

Order 1: Setup.

Order 2: Dash/move to waypoint. Exit After 00:00 / Exit Before 01:00

Order 3: Stay at waypoint. Dismount passengers. Exit After 00:30 / Exit Before 01:00

Order 4: Max Assault / Move to new waypoint Exit After 00:00 / Exit Before 01:00

There is no enemy engagement or sightings.

I have also tried variations where the Exit After 00:30 is for Order 4, and a variation with NO Exit After. The stryker simply refuses to budge. What am I doing wrong?

On a related note: The game deletes an order if it has no destination waypoint but specifies to dismount passengers. This is rather annoying since the manual says otherwise.

On another related note: There is a simple waypoint chain (all default order settings) for a scenario in design where certain AI groups refuse to move past a certain waypoint for no visible reason. If a beta tester wants a copy of the scenario to see, I will send it along.

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That, plus from what I recall "Max Assault" is a VERY slow command. The AI will only move a couple of units at a time, with pretty long pauses in between.

I have varied the speed, and eliminated the 00:30 wait. They still do not move.

Thanks for the info on Exit After only working at the beginning. With the counter resetting if I selected different orders, it led me to assume it was for every order.

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Have you made sure you are using the correct sides (blue plans, red plans) and the plan is active (use always, use sometimes)?

That's something which happens to me time and again.

And concerning the auto delete of orders without waypoints, I agree this is sometimes annoying, for example when I want a unit to change its engagment orders (e.g. hide to active) without changing place.

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Usually, I end up making an ass of myself when I contribute to discussions about the AI but I always learn something from the experience: here goes...

First up, that particular AI group consists of infantry and vehicles, right? If the next objective consists only of building tiles then there's nowhere for the vehicles to go so they do squat. I've done that once or twice...

Second, how about changing the Exit Before for order 2 to 'Exit before 02.00', and for order 3 '03.00' etc. Perhaps they just don't have enough time to do the order and 'give up'.

And finally, I usually use Assault instead of Max Assault. The Max Assault order seems to work best with Infantry only AI groups. I rarely ever see vehicles in a group move when they have a Max Assault order whereas they do when you use Assault.

Hope something there helps... good luck

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I had the same problem.

The Exit After/ Exit Before time you have is set wrong. It is not per turn, Its on-going. The Exit After time has to be set for the time after the scenario starts.

I did not know this - Regarding the Before / After was NOT per turn but within the total game time.....

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