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More Doubts about Editor.

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1º) Can I assignate a game with diary turns ( each day = 1 turn) but, can I assign only convoy supplies once each every month?. For example: The first turn begin at 1 of december of 1940, and i will wish that the first suppies arrived at 30 of these month.

Is it possible?

2º) Can I beguin a convoy-supplies route that begin not in land? For example in de extreme map with sea? How?

Thanks a lot.

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With respect to question 1, although it is not possible to do in that way, one thing you can do is edit the proportion of a country's MPPs that are shipped by convoy, and thus get the same effect.

For instance, if you want the US to ship 300MPPs a month to the UK, then by editing the convoy you should be able to make it ship 10 a turn, which will give you the same result as far as the transfer of income is concerned.

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Thank for the answers.

Other question about editor.

I know that the event "surrender" give to the nation winer the MPP's points for plunder concept. Its possible to asigned MPP's points for occupy the city hex?

For example, if a German Unit take Tobruk hex, Axis forces obtain 100 MPP's points for example. How can implementate it at the scrips?

Thank again.

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