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  1. Thank for the answers. Other question about editor. I know that the event "surrender" give to the nation winer the MPP's points for plunder concept. Its possible to asigned MPP's points for occupy the city hex? For example, if a German Unit take Tobruk hex, Axis forces obtain 100 MPP's points for example. How can implementate it at the scrips? Thank again.
  2. 1º) Can I assignate a game with diary turns ( each day = 1 turn) but, can I assign only convoy supplies once each every month?. For example: The first turn begin at 1 of december of 1940, and i will wish that the first suppies arrived at 30 of these month. Is it possible? 2º) Can I beguin a convoy-supplies route that begin not in land? For example in de extreme map with sea? How? Thanks a lot.
  3. For example: We have the 9º Australian division in North Africa ( Tobruk) and at 24/03/41 the English goverment order to traslate this unit to Greece. There are some event to allow that te unit will be retired of game? Thanks.
  4. Hello, I'm Ferran, and I will be interested to play Strategic Command 2 W and W by Pbem or TCPIP. I develop a new Campaign about DAK ( North Africa) campaign. The map its doble big than the originally. Are you interested to play? See you.
  5. Carrvert I dont recived any e mail. Anybody interested to test the scenarious? I need to write the scripts, but I dont know very well how it works. Help me please. Thanks a lot.
  6. NO Carrvert, no by the moment. I preffer test it first. Send me a e mail to contact. See you.
  7. Recently I created a new scenarious about the N.African Campaign. Its beguin at December 40 and ended December of 42. Firstly, the campaign beguin with the Grazziabi Offensive to Marsa Matruh. All forces at Regimental level and some Batalions are represented. -Sabrantha Div. -Sirte Div. -Gruppamento Maletty -1 and 2º Kybian Div -Bkack shirts Divisions. -Etc Also, the refoircements and replacements are accurate with name, composition and date that they appears. Here tou can see a captures about the Macro-map. Are 226 Hex X 80, each hex represent aprox. 6 Km. Tobruk You
  8. Yes its true. I dont play too time at CMSF, but I'm playing CM since 2002 ( I think). Sincerously, I think, that the people wish other game. A CM with Panzer general or TOW graphics for example. CMBB and CMAK was the same product, with out any modification, however, the CMAK have a good sales. Do you think that the new CM about Poland 1939 with graphic improvements as TOW and some news orders and tactics options dont have a better sales? See this forum and read the opinions and you can see that the majority people wait for other tipe of game. BF never hear the comunity opinion, and this is
  9. The CMBB or CMAK not is a exactly realistic game. I'm not saying or defending it; I only say that CM is a succesfull game, with a lot of fans and supporters. These all people would like an other tipe of game, no a mixture betwen Wego an RT game as CMSF is. CM its a intelligent game, every table wargames have a no time limit to give orders or to move units, but its not the same that to say they arent realistic. Realistic is the real war, no the Pc game. A Pc game will be enjoy, funny ,intelligent and manageable. Its CMSH manageable game, with their interface, with treir dificult mode to move u
  10. We can writte here who wish or demand for a new CM game? 1º What historic period? IIWW, Corea War, Cold War? 2º What improvements we think necesary to improve the CM series? Perhaps BF take note and made our dreamed game. Thanks.
  11. Renaud, yes is not the same game, but see the title of the game COMBAT MISSION SHOK FORCE. The Combat Mission words are here for something, no? CMSF is a mixture between RT and WE GO sistem, and the last sistem its a concession to CM fans, only a sweet to buy a RT game as this. The correct title for the CMSF may be RTSF. Thanks.
  12. Firstly: Everybody of this forums knows CM series, everybody are supporters of these products, people wished the following things only: 1º Maintain the CM motor engine. 2º Add new orders as:-follow vehicle, camuflage vehicle, avanced to contact, retreat at position, etc. 3º New and improved scenario editor with circular buildings, train bridges, airports mode, squares, etc. 4º Improbe the poligon mode of vehicles. For example doing opaque units at all their siluette, or made hull down order more realistic, friendly fire, etc. 5º Improme the graphic aspect in general. The people demand
  13. I see the video at Panzerzug.net and its very nice work. For me its like a present to panzerzug and the quality of the video is very hight. Dont doubt to see. Thanks Panoramix. kalvera. www.panzerzug.net
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