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XXL map/Brigade level actions

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I am in the process of making an "extra large" map of an area east of the port of Latakia. It is going to be 11x6km and will be correct according to the information on google earth to around a 10-20m resolution (1-3 squares) this of course includes terrain elevation, foliage and specific buildings.

Obviously the editor can't support a map this large so I am splitting it up into smaller maps of about 2000x2500m. These maps are separated by the natual terrain in the region so realistically, units in one map couldn't offer direct fire support into another map.

My first attempt was 'Al Beluliyah' (can be found on the repository) but it is small compared with some other maps which are nearing completion.

Two questions:

1. Would anyone actually be interested in this concept?

2. These maps are very large and, although playable on my computer - the graphics (i.e view distance for trees) are not great. Untill I get my graphics card upgraded, would someone mind testing out a new map for performance? I want to see if it will look good on a powerful(ish) PC.

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Thanks a lot, maybe I can do something to speed it up a bit but I suppose with really big battles you have to take a quality hit.

What do you think about very large battles with multiple actions happening at the same time on different maps? Does it sound like a good idea?

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It's interesting, for sure. Maybe you could consider making it as a mini-campaign? Something like a few battalions advancing on a front 6km wide divided to three sectors, and at the end combining efforts or something. That way it would really feel like they're all part of the same action, and the outcome would be more dynamic. You'd just have to deliver to player what battles take place at one time, and what the consequences of being stalled or losing on one sector could be.

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I hadn't really thought about doing it single player. The problem is I am terrible with AI and I have never made a campaign before.

My original idea was to have a 'Brigade commander' to allocate assets/conduct artillery prep/supply and Battalion commanders to do the fighting. You would only need 2-3 people on each side. TBH though I hadn't put much thought into it, I just find making maps relaxing!

Here are some pics of the engagement area:



I am only about a third of the way through the maps though so it will take a while to get it all ready

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