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CM x1 on iMac with Windows XP

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Well the old G4 mac is dying, 8 yrs old and I use it to play CM x1 in OS 9. Great games with lots of scenarios. So now I have decided to try to play CM x1 with a 2.4Ghz iMac and Win XP.

I am running Win XP in boot camp. I down loaded the Demo CM Africa corps but the text was just white boxes and no readable text. Are there preferences/options that are not available in the Demo?

As it is now, CM x1 is unplayable on my Win XP set up.

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Thanks for the link to the FAQ. I downloaded and installed the files


and it solved the problem. Thank you very much.

Now how do I move my Mac scenarios to windows xp? Are they the same kind of file? Just copy them into the XP Scienarios folder for that particular game. CMBO, CMAk, CMBB. I will order the Windows versions of CMx1 today.

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To my knowledge you should be able to move over the CM scenario files from your Mac OS9 partition to your Windows partition. The file format is the same, the only differences will be the 'resource forks' and other things that are unique to the Mac-based files. I assume whatever utility that Apple provides for PC compatibility should strip out those 'forks'.

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