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Using engineers for the first time: Please help with broad strokes


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I'm about to start a medium-size attack QB with Strykers, arty and engineers. I'm going to re-read the manual but I'd also be very grateful for the most general advice about how to deploy these units. Specifically:

- Should they be dismounted when mines might be present or can they detect them in vehicles moving slowly?

- Am I correct in assuming that roads are generally mined, not open country?

- What is SOP for roadside devices, both detection and disarmament?

- Is the tactical idea to "sweep" the entire line of advance with engineers?

I'm not trying to be lazy here, just hoping for an assist so that I can actually start the QB, having spent some time setting up and if I do something boneheaded with the engineer units I'll only have to start again...

Thanks in anticipation.

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  • Can not detect mines until you step/drive over them.
  • Mines can be placed anywhere.
  • Once found (the hard way) engineers can "mark" the field. IEDs usually can not be detected. The trigger man maybe.
  • At this point, until BFC gets engineering vehicles or sweepers working (or more folks complain about the lack of), you might as well just wait until you hit them then react

pg.67 cmsf manual has mark mines

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Mine clearance is the least of your worries with US Army engineers (SBCT) in version 1.10.

The game currently does not assign gunners to the ESV's. As such, your infantry will be parading around in virtually defenseless, thin skinned AFV's who can engage neither direct nor area targets with their RWS's.

The potentially good news is, I passed this along to one of the beta testers last week, who, in turn, communicated it to BFC. Whether or not this is addresssed in 1.11 is uncertain. That said, correcting a bug that negatively influences an entire class of vehicles and infantry sure seems like a worthy fix to me.

I would also like to see the plow added to the model of the ESV's enabling them to clear mines. Unfortunately, at this stage of CMSF's development, this may be reaching for the sky.

Since I am on the subject of handicapped vehicles, it would also be helpful if the M707 (recon Humvee) could use the target/LOS function in-game and not just in the editor.

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