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Buttoned vs unbuttoned

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Some of this applies to your question of spotting, it ties to C2. By having them open they can spread C2 (spotting info) around not just by the Radio & FBCB/PDA (buttoned). Unbuttoned they have other C2 options.

It is, unless the unit is in the OPEN UP disposition, but yes they do suffer from a C2 break. Units suffer from a C2 break when they tend to move; the train of thought is the ole "walking and chewing gum" dilemma, doing to many things at once. (focus on spotting enemy). The problem with this is that infantry mounted inside vehicles should not be suffering from this auto break, since they are "concentrating" on C2.

I tend to keep HQ's in vehicles in the OPEN UP disposition, for several reasons.

  • helps keep them mobile as a reaction force/ FO spotter
  • protects them from small arms and Lt Arty
  • can spread C2 info faster by voice & visual/close visual
  • soft footed officer who can’t hang with my Digital Devildogs 2hdptfa.gif

This C2 break had been brought to BFC’s attention a while back.

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Other have done tests and swear there's a measurable difference in spotting abilities but I've got to admit its too subtle for me most of the time. I was used to the old CMBB BT fast tanks that were blind and out of comms if buttoned versus all knowing and linked to the commander when opened. Nothing quite so stark in CMSF. I'd imagine it would be a trade-off for the Blue side. Nothing beats the "mk 1 eyeball" topside but being buttoned means you've then got fancy high-powered IR sensors at your fingertips. So is buttoned or unbuttoned preferable in that case? I really wish there was more of an obvious difference with old Warsaw Pact equipment. Unbuttoned SHOULD be infinitely preferable for old T62s. 'Subtle' gets lost on me much of the time.

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