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Can you play campaigns via email?? In this or Marines module?


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I did a search and came up with 'way too many threads to search through--and, none of the titles looked like they dealt with the issue of whether, if you start a campaign as an email game with an opponent, if subsequent battles after the first one will continue in email mode, and, where branching is allowed or there are other "carry-over" consequences, if the branching or consequences apply to both opponents.

Is that sufficiently unclear? :confused:

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You can, in theory, play campaigns as 2-player, but the stock campaigns for CMSF and CMSF:Marines are designed primarily with single player (as Blue vs. Red AI) in mind, so it may be terribly unbalanced. However, it is possible for scenario makers to create 2-player campaigns if they wish to do so (including campaigns where losses/wins for both sides are carried over; the campaign core file can have core units for both sides - in fact, it does for some of the missions in the Marines campaign).

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