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Surrender in PBEM game

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Hi, I'm playing a PBEM multiplayer scenario (Al Amarah) as Red. I am almost totally exterminated and only 30 of the 90 minutes time limit are over and no reinforcements are in sight for me so I want to surrender to my opponent.

Therefore I press the "surrender" button in the game menue and confirm my choice with the "yes" button. Then I press the "go" button again and save the email file and send it to my opponent but the scenario did not end for him as far as I can tell and when I opened his next email file the scenario was not over for me, too.

Have I done something wrong with the surrender or is this a known problem?

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How does this affect points? Is it better (point-wise) to ride out the game turns (if only a few remain or you are in O.T.) or does it not matter if you just surrender at that point.

My point in case is: My PBEM opponent is taking his objective as of the 5th turn in O.T.. I do not have the defensive forces to stop him and am considering a surrender (to save us both the hassle of dragging the battle out). This is a tourney game and based on points. Would it be better for me (point wise) to drag this out and hope the game ends with still a couple of my forces in the objective zone? Or will the same points get rewarded regardless of my remaining forces in the objective zone.

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