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Infantry getting minced


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This must have been said before because it seems so obvious to me but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Don't get me wrong, I think that the game is excellent and really has got me back into the series but I have one major gripe.

Whilst playing as the syrians, the thing that really gets me is the way the syrian soldiers stick very close together in a "blob" that means one hit from just about anything wipes out over half the squad and means the rest of them want to dig a hole headfirst.

I can understand that they are not up to western standards of training and that on the move they will tend to bunch up but when in prepared positions surely their officers would spread them out a bit?

Which brings me on to my next point, what happened to foxholes and wire? Surely they can't be that difficult to implement, especially since craters are nicely done and anyone would appreciate a bit of top cover when the arty starts to come down.

Anyway - I'm looking forwards to the new expansions -the Brits are coming! :D

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1. The game engine relies heavily on "action spots" -- do a search on this term for more -- which causes the troops to clump more than they would in RL. Since you can't split most Syrian squads, this problem is difficult for them to address. BFC "dumbed down" HE effects a bit to compensate.

2. Foxholes and wire are difficult to implement for game engine reasons, but will almost certainly be in for Normandy, together with water. For the CMSF setting, BFC has asserted that they wouldn't play a significant role in the "blitzkrieg" phase and are therefore not essential to this game. Opinions differ on that, but their's is the one that counts.

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