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How do you get VIEDs to arm in an AI plan?

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hm, i did a search and this was the only related topic that turned up. i have the same question related to a normal IED. how to i arm it in editor for the AI to be ready.

also i read in the manual that only Radio IED´s require LOS to the IED/target.

does that mean triggerman of both other types can "sense" potential targets comming and activate the bomb without LOS to the target!? i cant imagine that...

someone know how that works!?

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There are 2 vbied's in my scenario "The Curve". They both dash toward the enemy and blow up as soon as they get close enough (I think, I usually am able to shoot them before they reach my guys). Now you got me wondering if they actually work right.

As far as IED's go, I think that you have to put the spotter where he can see the IED. And I think if you kill the spotter, the ied's won't go off. I have wanted some clarity on this myself though.

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Cpl Steiner - thanks for posing the question - I am interested in the answer myself as I am trying to put together a scenario myself where I want IEDs as a feature. It will be my first one and I'm still at the map making phase right now.

I haven't experimented with the AI yet but am slightly concerned because from reading the manual it does suggest that some form of positive action is needed to activate the IED and I'm not sure whether the AI can cope with that.

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arent we some lazy bastards!? :D

aften noone knows it for sure, and the ones wich know not posting about it, i did a simple test.

you do not need to arm it for the AI, you place the bomb and triggerman, and thats it. you still need to obey the rules of the different IDE types(->manual), but you "do not" need to arm it or something. the AI will attack the first thing wich comes in sight.

i still have no clue what it means when the manual says you need LOS to a radio bomb...becous that says on the other hand, you do not need LOS to the other two types, and thats odd.

i tested with a triggerman in LOS so he can spott a target. never tried without LOS

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