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Al Huqf Redux

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I played the stock Al Huqf meeting engagement scenario on both sides and I found the AI lacking. I always take the City Center without opposition and find the enemy crawling nearby their setup area. The tanks also does not move and stay in the setup area. I checked the AI using the scenario editor and I found out that both sides only has 1 AI plan which tells them to Assault the City Center dismounted. I edited the AI plans and did the following:

I added 2 additional plans for each side. They will remain mounted in the setup area. I made Order2 which is a "Quick" move to a staging area before attacking the City Center where they will dismount. I made Order3 where they will assault the City Center from the staging area. The staging areas are different per plan so you won't know what to expect.

The result is that the enemy will be able to reach the staging area within 2 minutes and assault the objective. If you take it slow, you may find the enemy in the objective already. If you go quick you may get to the objective first but the enemy will open fire from their staging area. The IFV's are also in the staging area unlike before. This results into intense firefights.

To respect the original designer, I still included the original plan but lowered the probability of choosing.

Version 101a has the 2 new plans per side.

Al Huqf Meeting Engagement v101a

Version 101b also has the 2 new plans per side and is fought in daytime (instead of the original dusk setting) to compensate for the Syrian's poor visibility during night fighting (especially the BMP-1).

Al Huqf Meeting Engagement v101b


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So you made it?

The AI plan is actually sound but the TacAI just don't seem to enact it very well. They keep doing the crawl of death. I just wanted to put them in the objective quickly so that we have a fierce fire fight. I also want some variety thus I added more plans. I love this map so much I want to keep replaying it when I crave for a quick mission. smile.gif That is a compliment.

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I did smoething that (I think) Jaguar suggested just after release. That was to adjust the AI plan to Advance instead of Assault which has the AI moving more quickly to the objective. That made the AI a bit quicker and aggressive.

However, this looks like another nice update to it so I'll give it a whirl - thanks.


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