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How to Breech a wall with Cannon

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It's a very simple work around until something can be done about a cease fire command once a wall is breeched.



  • Determine breech point. Use Overwatch with support units.</font>

  • Select TARGET command, place on wall section.</font>



  • Give the unit a 15 sec PAUSE</font>

  • Select a Movement order. REVERSE/SLOW depending on your preference. Place it to the rear of the unit if reversing or to the front of the unit if using a forward move.</font>


  • Select the end waypoint and give FACE command in the direction you wish.</font>

(This ends the TARGET command)


You now have a breech large enough for your units to proceed through.

Semper Fi


[ November 05, 2007, 10:45 AM: Message edited by: Huntarr ]

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What can't you use? That example works perfectly. Just because you are obsessed with some kind of grid (action points), you are blind to the fact the ground texture which is simply pavement, has been in the game since 1.00. That is from the map "Street Sweep". The final scenario in the campaign. What the hell does a grid have to do with breeching that wall? I challenge you to show me how that does not work on any wall, short or tall.

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Actually, I just double checked. It does say 1.05. Therefore not usable. No timeframe on 1.05. We are over two months past release (edit: it is actually three months). A lot of aspects of the game aren't playable.

I have been a loyal follower of BFC and CM. I still have high hopes for CMSF, but right now I feel I have been left a little hanging. I have brought up a number of issues just looking for clarification, along with others. Little to no official response.

As far as showing us stuff in 1.05...we kept hearing how 1.04 would get us there everytime we brought something up. Now the same response for 1.05, and not even officially. Am I going to come back in a year and be hearing the same thing for 1.22.

I still say the priority should be on just explaining how the fundamentals of the game should be laid out for us to understand so we can play effectively. Right now, I can at least 75% of the games I start because something that I think is screwy happens. It may be a bug, it may be I don't know what was supposed to happen.

Example: Strykers not firing at infantry on their own. Should they fire, at what range, should they be buttoned, etc. I personally have asked this question at least 8 or 9 times and others have asked. I don't think there was one official reponse about what is supposed to happen.

What should I think? This whole game is built on the concept of the Stryker platform. A simple question on why they won't fire without a directed order. Why won't they do anything to preserve themselves. Nothing. btw, this single issue is one that makes me think that the core concept of CMSF is RT, with WEGO bolted on.

Instead, we get how great 1.05 will be. All well and good, but can someone official from BFC take a look at this forum and the support forum and answer some questions. You may have to go back a bit. Some of them were asked weeks ago. I have a feeling a lot of bugs that people are claiming they see are actually the way the game is supposed to work. But right now, I don't know.

My status with CMSF is I haven't played it in about 9 or 10 days. I got so frustrated after spending a Saturday building a scenario and then having things just not work right that I actually removed CMSF from my HD. I am in the process of reinstalling to try the Viper scenario out. This is how I have been with CMSF. I love and then hate it. Right now, I am hating it. Hope for 1.05 may swing me back the other way, but that can only happen so many times before I just plain burn out on it.

With that said, I agree that some of the more acidic comments aren't helpful, just as people defending CMSF by always pointing at the next patch aren't helpful. What is helpful is bringing up issues anywhere you can and looking for offical answers on these issues.

[ October 30, 2007, 06:25 PM: Message edited by: thewood ]

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wood are you really being this dense or what? Did you even try what was posted before you typed that tirade? The above technique has been in place since stackable commands were implemented. This is a current build solution. Not a future build solution. You typed all that crap without ever trying the technique out. That clearly shows you are just trying to be difficult. You should play the game and stop trolling for things you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. Again, I challenge you to show me that the above guide can not be done in the current 1.04 version. Maybe you should try it out before you start crying that it does not work. It makes you look crazy because it works right now and you have not even tried it out.


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Never said it didn't work. Show me the quote. Are you reading the posts or just knee jerking.

I'll explain it. You put a thread up about a new technique for 1.05. 1.05 is not out. I assumed this technique was new to 1.05. Made the comment its only a promise until 1.05 is out. You change the name of the thread to 1.04.

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Wood, you are lucky I dont own BFC or you wouldnt be posting here anymore. I cant speak for every beta tester or for BFC but you post nothing here that is really constructive or essentially worth reading and you cant remember what you posted.

Soon you may have more time to do research for your VC's if you continue.

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Curious ironic title, with complementary bashing post for no other reason than the title...

Don't start a flame war ;)

Sixxkiller, if you really want to see someone who has never post anything but "Welcome to the new, buggy and doomed world of CMSF", go see falco on the blitz.org, since he's banned from BFC and -worse-, he is proud of it!

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btw, its not a guide if we can't use it.
Anyone could do this since 1.04

Therefore not usable.
You never tried it, therefore how do you state that it's not usable.

A lot of aspects of the game aren't playable.
How would you know since you never tried it.

There are plenty that had the common sense to use the tactic. All you’re doing is entering a thread designed to help out players and spitting out poison because you don't like the game. Your confusion in the title has nothing to do with the topic of the post. I could call it "How to breech a wall with space lobsters" and that would not change the content of the original thread. So instead of just apologizing for being a troll and moving on, you continue to comment on something you clearly have no knowledge of.

BTW your welcome for providing a why to breech a wall.

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Perhaps the three of you have a 'history', but based on this thread alone, I fail to see what thewood did wrong to deserve repeated, rather emotional attacks, much less being threatened with a ban?!

Originally posted by thewood:

I apologize. I thought you said it was in 1.05. Didn't realize it was usable now.

I'll explain it. You put a thread up about a new technique for 1.05. 1.05 is not out. I assumed this technique was new to 1.05. Made the comment its only a promise until 1.05 is out. You change the name of the thread to 1.04.

I can follow this train of thought perfectly.

I suggest that you (a) knock it off, (B) remove the remark on thewood from the thread title if you want to continue to hold the moral high ground.

Best regards,


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