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Any Tips for "Marking Mines"?


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I played the Wadi scenario and I could never get the Mark Mines button to activiate. My engineers never found mines; one of my Strykers drove through a mine field and I sent the engineers to clear it and all they managed to do was kill themselves. The Mark Mine button would never work!

What's the trick?

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When I tested it, the engineers did not mark mines they just sat there. Also sometimes they walked right over the mine fields that I place and other times the mine went off when they walked over it.

The antipersonnel mines went off sometimes and the antitank mines went off every time a vehicle drove over it.

When I used the mix mines nothing happen, when the vehicle drove over it nor when the infantry walked right over it.

What is the radius for when placing mines out? Is it 10ft, 20ft?

When you use mines is it more then one mine or are they ten mines?

How is the mines placed in the game? Are they place on the ground? Buried? During the Gulf War they were placed mostly above ground.

How long will it take the engineers to mark the mines if it did worked?

That is some of the questions that I posted in the Skunkworks. Right now were testing v1.04 so have to see when Steve can get to it.


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Get close to mine? My guys were getting blown up! I tried hunt, slow, move, nothing worked. Not a lot of fun for a former EOD guy!

I've moved on to the campaign, hopefully there won't be a lot of mines there...

I couldn't get the thread to work either, maybe I'm just cursed.

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