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Vista & ATI & CMSF = unplayable, any word on fix/patch?

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The forum is flooded with reports of the aforementioned combo exhibiting severe crashing, rendering the game completely unplayable. I've tried it on two computers with similar setups and my friend also has the same problem. Haven't been able to get my hands on an XP machine to see how much Vista has to do with it.

Just trying to get maximum exposure for this issue, the longest I was able to play was 20 seconds or so that left me desperately lusting for more. Battlefront, please save us! :D

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Im pretty sure its a Vista/ATI related problem. I had the exact same issues and decided to install xp on another partition and now im running the game like a charm. Just a clean XP and latest catalyst drivers, nothing else, not even the windowsupdates.

oh, forgot that i have to manually turn off one of my cpus when playing otherwise i get the teleportbug.

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Originally posted by Battlefront.com:

If you have an AMD dual processor, make sure to disable AMD Dual Core Optimizer. If you have an Intel dual processor make sure to use the Microsoft Power Management power fix. Click on the link at the bottom of my post for the direct link.

Let us know how it goes!




updated ATI drivers

WINDOWS VISTA ( no microsoft patch for this )

Left click=Crash to desktop

The problem is Vista and ATI drivers.

Many people is posting repeatedly about this.

Vista doesn´t have patches available.


Steve, the game was released in less than 48 hours, we dont expect miracles. :D:rolleyes:

Vista and ATI drivers

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