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CM:SF or TOW...Which one to buy???


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I'm on a budget lately and was wondering if I should get TOW now or wait and get CM:SF in late July?

I'm a big fan of the CM series and enjoy tactical strategy games....

What would be the best choice comming from those who have played TOW?

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I think both games are/will be worth the money. If you can get only one if them.....

Ask yourself some questions - and maybe you find the answer yourself:

1) How important is the WeGo system for you??

2) Is WW2 or modern warfare more interesting for you??

3) CM:SF "seems" to be more realisitc on the tactical side of gameplay - Is that an issue for you??

It is Battlefronts policy to publish a demo of every game. If you are waiting until the CM:SF demo comes out you can make a direct comparison of both games (I guess that would be the best approach).

For me personally ToW is way more interesting than CM:SF. But this is only caused by the above question 2. I am not at all interested in modern warfare. WW2 is most fascinating for me because of the huge technology step during that 6 years. So I can not give you personal gameplay preference.

I read here and there on some other forums and there are some posters known to the battlefront forums too who are very loud with their dissatisfaction of their bought version of ToW - maybe you can buy the game cheap from them ;) But for what reason ever, none of them has offered to sell their copy yet.....


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In my case, the answer is a short one: probably both. smile.gif

I already have TOW and I'm really interested in CM:SF. Although of course I first played TOW demo and I'll play CM:SF's before buying it. This demo policy that Battlefront has is a great thing for us compulsive consumers and gamers.

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