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Demo Unplayable


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Hi yes i have the same problem about the same fps as you 1 or 2 fps im running amd turion 64 ml34 1.8 ghz 2 gig ram ati xpress 200 mobility

128 meg on a packard bell laptop 17" wide screen

windows xp with new ati mobility driver and tried the omega 352 driver still no change i still think you should be able to play the game on lowest detail with at least 15 fps or more

i can play other games quit well like f.o.w,

company of heros, flight sims etc there must be a conflict some where i remember the same problem awhile ago with eric youngs squad assult

that was a graphics driver fault i tried various drivers and got it to work very well

we might have to get a new computer to run this baby all the other folks who can run the game

hope you enjoy it a very sad OLDTIMER

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