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Announcement on Russian Web


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Hé! Battlefront WAKE UP!! redface.gif

Its seems something cooking on the russian web


"there was what so long was waited by front-line soldiers: assembly the master-disk " by the Second world " is finished. The official announcement of sending in a press will be published within the next few days. The congratulations to developers can be left at an official forum of game."

I am not fluent in Russian. Won't you mide to get more details for us? :mad:

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Cincinatvs! Thank you for the heads up!

Well it seems that the hard working group of developers from 1C have delivered their labour of love (in the shape of a shiny new DVD no doubt) for final approvement and shipment to production. Anyway that is how I interpret the commotion at the 1C russian web site.

Sorry for the lousy web translation but that was what I could find


fil announced at 1C website:

Have handed over

VDNKH wrote at 1C website:

The official announcement will be, when director of firm will sign the order.

Earlier it is impossible.

On Friday the announcement should turn out.

MaKoUr answered at 1C website:

And can already name date when sales will begin?

VDNKH answered at 1C website:

I can not, where director will not approve(confirm). And disks to print will not begin,

Where director will not approve(confirm). Understand, at us not democratic

The state, and firm with the debugged process of manufacture.

If I to you shall name date, and then it(her) will shift, will abuse us

smile.gif so I shall not risk.


Regardless I would like to congratulate the development team! This game has a looooong history and someone somewhere have obviously been hanging in there and kept the faith in the project.

Also congratulations to BF.C and thank you for giving this game a chance.

May the game be good and your well deserved rest likewise (the latter only for the 1C guys of course ;) ).

Congratulations and all the best!

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What this message speaks of is the Russian release within the Russian territory. It is not the same game that we will release to territories outside of Russia. Why two different releases at two different times? Well... it's complicated ;)

Some plans were already in place when Battlefront was signed up so we agreed to keep the two releases separate. The game is basically done, but 1C is still working on various changes to scenario and other data at our request. Also, localizing the game into different languages is incomplete at this point, whereas the Russian version is (for obvious reasons ;) ) all ready to go.

We'll post a more detailed announcement about the status of ToW very soon. Unfortunately one of our key people, Martin (Moon), is offline due to a major telecommunications outage in his home town. Unfortunately, they can not locate the break easily beacuse all the cables are burried under ground. Blah!


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Originally posted by citizen:

No doubt all of the Russian tanks have an extra mm or two in all the right places...


Why not? That's what most western developers have been doing with their games (notably FPS) since year dot. Red Orchestra being a notable example; notable because the developers claim "simulation quality" and "utmost realism" based upon "exhaustive research" (I quote verbatim). Most amusing then that they have the driver sitting with his head out of the transmission inspection hatches on a couple of the German tanks (MkIII and StuG). :D Not to mention the T34 with it's 500mm armor.

CMBB is the first and only game covering WW2 that I have ever found to be unbiased. I wasn't so impressed with CMBO, when a 30mm-armed Stuart, at full speed, took out a Panzerlang through the glacis with a 90-degree shot, but then that was Germany vs the US, so I wasn't too suprised. ;)

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It is true, the Russian version of the game is nearly completed, but as you know all the members of the dev team are Russians and the game was also developed in this language.

There is a lot to localize in the game - megabytes of text, voiceovers, etc. The guys are already working on it.

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Originally posted by RMC:

</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Sigrun:

...a 30mm-armed Stuart, at full speed, took out a Panzerlang through the glacis with a 90-degree shot,...

Stuart has a 37mm gun. What on earth is a Panzerlang? </font>
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