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ping times & lag


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I just encountered some weird effect here which may explain the lag for some.

My network setup looks like this:

Internet -cable- DSL -cable- WLAN router -wireless- Mac mini -cable- Linux

So the Linux machine is behind the Mac. Now hitting refresh in DT gives me ping times of about 400ms on the Mac but about 150ms on Linux!

This is repeatable. Both machines are idle as is the network connection.

I can't confirm lag differences in game as the mini is too slow to play.

So if the people having the lag problem are playing on a Mac then it may be a problem with the Mac version.

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Originally posted by Junglist:

AFAIK the people with the most issues are the Windows people. Perhaps the Linux is the smoothest, however.

With my software professional hat on, Linux tends to have better performance (compared with Windows) on all network-, socket- and pipe-related activities, sometimes by several factors. Since I long ago wiped any copy of Windows off any machine I own, I can't do a straight comparison any more.

Now - I have seen bad lag on Linux too. But I don't seem to be seeing it as often as some people are seeing it on Windows. It does seem to be at its worst when there is lots of smoke around.

My understanding is that the smoke has more effect than just blocking lines of sight. I believe it blocks ATGM-locks although that may be just my imagination. I do wonder whether the AI is going nuts trying to find targets when there are several smoke plumes around.

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I have locked onto targets through smoke with ATGMs, I do not know if bots do or not.

The smoke seems to be the big killer. Ive got Windows and a pretty good Dell XPS system. Right now, every destroyed object burns. If this was reduced to 1/3, then I think that would solve alot of problems with lag.

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