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  1. Those of you running CMSF using Bootcamp, I'm curious to know what version of Windows you have installed?
  2. Yeah, Dropteam was a lot of fun while it lasted. Nice to see some of you are still on the Battlefront horizon though. I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty excited about CM's return to the WWII theatre. If you are like me you have been waiting for this for years. I just pray my 2 year old computer is going to be sufficient to run the game. Anyway, my point is this: when the time comes, if anyone else is interested, I think it would be fun to use this forum to organize CM 2 Normandy games. Obviously there will be dozens of such threads in the regular CM 2 forum, but it might also be
  3. Fair enough. I am happy to support any company that is still attempting to make realistic war games. That's why Battlefront and 1C will always be on my radar, but I will stick to digital downloads from here on.
  4. Wow, what a disappointment. A proper manual was the reason I pre-ordered and spent the extra money for shipping. I can't help but feel this was sold under false pretenses, especially with the claims that the manual was a limited run thing and all. This stuff won't win you back any disgruntled fans.
  5. Hey guys. I've been too busy myself for much online gameplay lately. The two years or so that the Sunday afternoon battle was going on provided some great times with good friends, but time marches on. Anyway, I too will be waiting for the day DT2 drops and look forward to seeing you guys on the battlefield once again...someday.
  6. I'll try to make it, but I can't make any promises these days.
  7. Hey 152, nice computer! How do I know? I got the same rig this summer, but with an additional 2 gig of ram for good measure. I've got the HD partitioned to boot both Leopard and Windows xp; it's kinda of funny switching between the super intuitive Mac OS and the super clunky MS approach. At least this way I'll still retain some necessary problem solving skills and ward off the brain malaise which effects most I-tards (that is people who use apple exclusively for those unfamiliar with I-tardation).
  8. I'm pretty sure Kim is referring to me. I'm also pretty sure I have a fairly good idea of how to bot wrangle a team to victory. Once again, I'm pretty sure, after having Kim lose it on me for messing with his hermes, that I promised to never touch his hermes during a game again...at least while on the same team. Finally, I'm pretty sure that I was fairly drunk during the game in question, so I guess I can't be sure about that much after all.
  9. In the process of moving....hope to join you guys again sometime soon, but def not today
  10. That was fun last night guys. When you have at least 4 players, like we did last night, Dropteam is still a damn fun game.
  11. Hey hey, if it isn't Sir Jalinth from Barrie! It is Barrie right?
  12. Phonan, how does something like tomorrow at 11:00AM EST work for you?
  13. Overhead has been around on and off for quite awhile...but he has never been very talkative. Phonan, I'll be quite busy this weekend so I'm not sure I can set a time yet. Do you have Monday off? If so I could go early sometime Monday perhaps. What do yo think?
  14. Or better yet, if you want to battle just leave a time here and I'll check frequently today.
  15. Now, I must say I'm a little confused by this comment. First off I don't remember ever playing anyone by the name of ok0510 anytime recently. Perhaps you play under a different name? Also, from what I remember (and there is a chance I'm wrong), I haven't lost any 1 on 1 games, where both players were involved from the deployment stage on, in quite a long time. I might be wrong but I think the last time I actually lost a 2 player game was on the Forsaken map a while back, where I was attacking and 152 was defending. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Yurch and Nexus, from the old
  16. So jby, you will be glad to know that Redcon and I met up earlier this week and decided to finish the final round of the tournament! The first map was Haven where I was on the attack. Result: clear victory for me, with complete domination of the mountain achieved with over ten minutes left in the game. The second map was the Dam (an admittedly more difficult map to attack, with its two native aa towers). Result: I weathered Redcon's Ion battery long enough to hold onto the objective and again achieve victory; to quote Redcon with about a minute left, "I yield". So I believe the vict
  17. Sorry, I couldn't be there on Sunday as well. I'll try for next Sunday though.
  18. I will be probably try to play when the Euros are playing this afternoon, but I'm not sure I will be able to play tonight as well. Anyone else able to play in the afternoon instead?
  19. So it's voodoo for them this time, eh? No more summary executions on your Live-Ship jby? House to house was a great battle - it was a handful trying to keep track of both of you guys on that map. _______________________ "Victory is a melange of desserts created by a long war in the kitchen." From J Williams' Damn I Got the Munchies Sorry 152, I couldn't resist.....I actually really like that quote from B.H. Liddell Hart
  20. Poesel, you should know better than to utter that name again! The day he stopped posting and told us all to frak-off, once and for all, was one of the happiest days for this forum. Let's not speak of him again, lest he senses your utterance and turns his magnified powers of annoyance in our direction again.
  21. I'm polishing my Thor out in the garage so that it looks nice and sharp for today's match.
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