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AH Advanced Third Reich Mod - Beta #2

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I have just posted updates to the 1939 and 1941 campaigns at CMMODS. The original beta files are overwritten with the newer files. I'd like to thank Capt Andrew for playtesting the beta and providing some great comments.

Hopefully, beta #2 is about 99% complete, including several alternative Axis and Allied AI strategies at the higher difficulty levels (Intermediate and Expert). I may still need to tweak something or adjust some scripting if needed, prior to releasing a v1.0 sometime in June probably. Give beta #2 a shot and let me know how it goes. Thanks!

Beta #2 Version Notes


- moved Danube River slightly east of Bucharest.

- fixed Siegfried Line at tile 92,30 to no destroy on overrun.

- fixed weather zone at tile 139,54 south of Mosul.

- renamed Republican Spain to Economic Growth and Airborne to Airborne Corps in localization.txt.

- increased max occupational efficiency of Norway and Sweden to 100%.

- increased Adjacent Enemy Units Penalty and Blitz Attack/Movement Penalty to +2. This is a more realistic ZOC effect and helps restrict AI from making reckless breakthroughs.

- increased rockets AP to 3. This was originally intended but not implemented. Default SR and attack values left at 2; players should research Rockets to increase effects.

- increased Finland infantry corps AP to 3. This was also originally intended but missed.

- increased Partisans AP to 4 and reduced cost to 40 MPP. With no supply, they should now have AP=2 and be able to move about.

- fixed Germany build limit for air fleets to 6. This was still incorrect at 7 in the 1939 campaign.

- changed various Army Group HQ ratings for balance. Rokossovsky upgraded to 8, Kesselring and Graziani downgraded to 8, Garibaldi downgraded to 6, and Franco added to Spain at 6. Increased Zhukov experience to 1.0 to help the Soviet winter counter-offensive.

- increased Diplomacy chit costs for influencing major countries to 125 MPPs.

- increased country research limits to nominal 250 MPPs per chit (e.g., Italy limit increased from 400 to 500).

- increased research chit costs for high value optional tech areas. Advanced Aircraft now 300 MPPs; Long Range Aircraft, Gun Laying Radar and Motorization now 250 MPPs.

- changed Corsica to Vichy France control in 1941 scenario.

- reduced Greek partisans to 2 and added 4 Turkish partisans to force pools.

- adjusted slightly setup position for Spanish Castilla infantry corps near Valencia.

- set German Fsjr airborne corps to prepare mode at start of 1941 campaign.

- removed German unit experience at start of 1939 scenario. Only affects 2 air fleets and an infantry corps.

- adjusted slightly the terrain defense bonuses. Air defense for mines and capitals increased +1, and some other values adjusted.


- adjusted 1939 offensive script for Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg buildup sequence.

- adjusted 1939 amphibious_minor script for Denmark-Norway buildup sequence.

- adjusted 1939 transport script to cancel Italian redeployment to Albania if Greece has pro-Axis coup.

- adjusted offensive scripts to increase plan size to 8 for German attack on Yugoslavia. 1941 setup already had 8 land units ready.

- added Riga and Lvov to German USSR garrison scripts.

- added additional positions to Italy garrison scripts for when Italy is invaded.

- adjusted Siberian Transfer unit events to make Gorki the arrival destination, slightly increased the trigger percentages, but reduced the trigger range for Moscow to 2 tiles.

- added Elbe River defense line garrison scripts for Germany.

- adjusted Riga defense line garrison scripts for USSR.

- adjusted fleet scripts for UK evacuation of naval units from Red Sea if Axis units are adjacent to Cairo. Added similar scripts for USA fleets (transports) caught in Red Sea.

- changed supply scripts for first Russian Winter to a one-time Type 0 event with 90% chance. This provides a 10% chance variant for negating the first Russian Winter based on improved German planning and preparation for winter operations. Reduced chance of a possible second Russian Winter to 25%.

- adjusted transport and transport_minor scripts to expedite UK and USA reinforcements to Iraq if Axis units are within 2 tiles of Cairo.

- added second Malta Effect supply events which affect Tripoli beginning in 1942 if Allies control Tobruk.

- adjusted tactical_condition in garrison scripts for UK and Italy for Libya-Egypt theater. Added Port Said and Haifa garrisons for UK if Axis units approach Cairo. Changes should result in improved AI defense.

- adjusted UK and Germany minor garrison scripts for Spain and Turkey to include all cities.

- added Turkish partisan scripts.

- added Corsica as Vichy French to France surrender script.

- adjusted German 1941 offensive scripts for Barbarossa to Leningrad, Moscow, Kharkov and Rostov.

- adjusted activate_position of transport_minor scripts for USA deployments to Morocco to ensure Allied control prior to transport.

- revised war_entry scripts for Syria to increase chance of Allied AI annexation to 75% and reduce chance of Axis AI pro-Axis coup to 25%.

- added scripting for possible Axis invasions of UK (Sealion, 1939 campaign only), Spain and Turkey. Garrison scripts set trigger tiles for Spain and Turkey, and provide for post-surrender garrisons. Amphibious scripts for UK and offensive scripts for Spain and Turkey provide chance of German invasion, with chance of subsequent invasion of Portugal after Spain surrenders. Amphibious scripts for Spain and Turkey also provide chance of Italian support of invasions. Transport_minor scripts provide reinforcements to UK if Sealion is successful.

- added transport_minor scripts for German and Italian reinforcements to Syria in event of pro-Axis coup.

- added several unit events as variants for extra German airborne, German U-boats, French armor and French air fleet.

- fixed war_entry scripts for Iraq entry. Chance of pro-Axis coup in April 1941, followed by pro-Allied coup after May 1941 if unsuccessful.

- added scripting for possible Allied invasions of Greece and Portugal, UK raids into France and Germany, and USSR landings into Romania, Germany and Denmark. Transport_minor scripts provide reinforcements to Greece and Portugal if landings are successful.

- added Vichy France activation_2 scripts for additional chance to join Axis after Allies invade Italy or France.

- added 1939 offensive script for possible German invasion of neutral Baltic States.

- deleted de Gualle unit script.

- added 1939 offensive script for possible French invasion of neutral Belgium and Luxembourg.

- adjusted activation_2 scripts for Finnish war entry to require 1-2 Axis units within 3-5 tiles of Leningrad.

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Bill - You've done a great job on this!

For those of you that have tried this user mod, download the update. As you can see, Bill has done quite a bit of work on this scenario, and it shows.

For those of you who haven't tried this, I highly recommend it! Make sure you set the AI to Intermediate - experienced players bump it up to +1 experience.

This is a faithful recreation of the Third Reich box game some of you may recall playing in the late 70's, early 80's (I know, dating myself...). Bill has done a marvelous job of completely redrawing the map to reflect the Adv. Third Reich box map. There are quite a few differences between the SC2 campaign map - so be prepared for adjusting your strategies!

You'll also note that the MPP amounts have been adjusted, both in the cost of purchasing most land units and in operating expenses. I think Bill did a great job in tinkering with this within the SC2 engine to reflect the force pools of A3R and the free strategic movement (operating) allowances in A3R. Did I mention Force Pools? Yes, Bill has painstakingly renamed every unit available to match the A3R punch out counters!

This is NOT a historical mod. This is a great attempt to recreate the fun situations and gameplay found in Advanced Third Reich within Hubert's awesome game. Some of the criticisms of the original game probably can be found in this game as well, but I really believe Bill has tried to minimize though.

No two games will be the same! Bill has added dozens of scripts and variant situations that can completely change a game against the AI. I won't spoil some of the surprises here! Oh, and don't think for a moment that the Axis AI won't attempt a SeaLion!!!

The AI is challenging, no matter which side you play. As Allies, you need to strategize for the long term. For USA, this means actually considering whether or not to construct a navy! If you decide to ignore this aspect, you'll have a heck of a time with the AI Kriegsmarine!

Another feature I really found well thought out and planned was the use of HQ's. You cannot build HQs in this mod (except for repurchase of killed units). The HQs for every country are in the production que. This helps control the "flow" of the game and adds a unique aspect that you won't find in standard SC2 games. Skeptical? Try it first!

And finally, the game breaking technology scores have been dilluted a bit.

Again, I whole heartedly encourage those of you who have played A3R to give this one a go. For those of you that haven't, this mod will still give you a unique challenge and provide hours of enjoyment!

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What he said! :D

For those who playtest this second beta, I'm looking for some honest assessments about a couple of features.

First is the overall effect of air power. If AFs are massed, I agree they can be very potent. But my feeling is that there are narrow windows of opportunity where this happens and may be a gameplay issue (Sealion, D-Day, etc.) Most of the time, AFs are either rebasing, reinforcing or restricted by bad weather. If air power is massed in one area, other areas are left lacking. So, if air power is too strong, what exactly should be changed? I added some air defense to mines and capitals in this iteration hoping it will help some. I'm reluctant to change CTVs, but I'm open to comments and suggestions.

The other change I made for this iteration was to increase the Adjacent Enemy Units Penalty and Blitz Attack/Movement Penalty. I am finding this to be OK during clear weather and helps restrict the AI from doing reckless things. But I am also finding movement to be restricted too much during rain/mud. Barbarossa is a real challenge for Germans to advance to the historical Smolensk-Kharkov-Dnepropetrovsk line by end of 1941. I think the blitz penalty is OK, but comments and suggestions about the adjacent units penalty are needed. Is it OK or not OK?

Beyond that, any other observations about AI behavior or anything else would be great.

I've gotten into another 1941 playtest game as Axis against the Allied AI at Intermediate +1. At end of 1941, Axis have taken Bengazi and Tobruk, advanced to Smolensk but still struggling to take Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk (damn mud!!), Germans have lost one U-boat and Italians have lost a battleship. I am anxious to see how UK responds in the Middle East and whether USSR gears up and gets serious about rolling towards Berlin. The Axis AI is pretty good; it's the Allied AI that I still have some concerns about...

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I am going to post a hotfix later this week. My playtest game did not fare well, nor did a second after a few changes. But after some more changes, my current game seems to be going well .

Scripting the Allied AI has been a pain. I think I have found a balance now. UK reinforcements to Egypt are a little better. I've added the city of Voronezh to USSR, which helps a little with extra MPPs but more importantly makes the Soviet defense line continuous between Moscow and Stalingrad. This really forces the Germans to spread out more and thus helps the Russians. I'm at end of summer 1942 with historical gains. El Alamein has held, and USSR has surprised me with 3-4 motorized infantry outside Stalingrad!

Another thing I decided to change was the adjacent enemy unit penalty back to +1. Mobility is restored and Barbarossa felt better.

Again, I'll post an update in a few days. I want to verify several other things with my game in progress and make some tweaks. Any other feedback?

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A sample screenshot or something from my current game in progress? There is a screenshot at cmmods.com with the campaigns, just to provide an idea of how France 1940 looks with the A3R map and customized military icons. I'll try to post a shot later this evening of my late 1942 progress.

I think maybe I'm reaching the turning point in the game, but I've been disappointed before by UK not sending enough reinforcements to Egypt and USSR not transitioning to a full offensive. Oh, another tweak I made was to bump up the USA Lend Lease and UK Arctic convoys, and this is helping get a few more MPPs to USSR. I've been losing armor and infantry in Russia so maybe it is helping. The AI is doing OK so far...

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I'm playing a 1939 campaign as the Allies. So far so good! You really can slow down the Germans in France, as I did, holding on till June 1941! Right now as the Russians I'm holding the Germans well, they just took Kiev in the summer of '42.

The one thing I've noticed is the incredible power of air units! Four of them killed a full strength corp, dug into Kiev! ONE Italian air unit killed a strength 5 British corps outside of Tobruk!

I'm really enjoying this - you've done an incredible job on this mod!

Many thanks!

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The air power is something that's been discussed, and I know Pzgndr is open to ideas, suggestions, and feedback.

RE: France - I think what is needed is a little Axis AI scripting that sets tile objectives near Paris as priorities once Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands have been conquered. I too have noticed that it is possible to defend longer against the AI. I don't think it's possible in H2H.

In one match against the Axis AI, I held on to France until after Russia joined. I was foolish to think Russia was ready to go on the offensive and within months found myself scrambling to defend Moscow! I believe I finally conquered Germany and Italy by June '45.

Play it out AZGungHo - I'd be interested in reading a shortened synopsis of your match too!

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I'm playing - when I can!

That's what happened to me too. Russia came in early, I moved units to the border and invaded Poland, but knew the jig was about up as France was collapsing.

The Germans operated some units east and I withdrew in a big hurry. I had hoped to take Warsaw or some other city, but didn't get any. Units that are dug into cities are tough nuts to crack!

I agree that H2H France could never hold out that long as Paris would be the focus and the gap between where the Seine ends and the fortifications begin would be targeted as well!

I'll try and keep you posted on the war's progress!

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OK, some screenshots.


Army Group North and Finns managed to isolate Leningrad during the early summer but Soviet counter-attacks broke through.

Army Group Center is holding a line. Attrition warfare has been back and forth all summer. Both sides are taking losses. Note German reinforcements marching to the front.

[ May 15, 2007, 03:06 PM: Message edited by: pzgndr ]

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Army Group South is pushing on to Stalingrad. Romanians have taken Maikop in the south. Depending on weather, Germans should be able to get in a couple more good shots before end of year. USSR is replacing units about as fast or faster than I can destroy them. Doubtful if I'll be able to take Stalingrad or Astrakhan at this point.

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Lastly, the drive on El Alamein failed and Axis had to pull back and regroup. After taking Tobruk early in 1942 and having 3 AFs in support, it looked pretty good. UK held fast. Good. I expect to see some more UK reinforcements and an eventual drive to Tripoli. USA AI has been doing pretty good at invading North Africa and then Italy.

On the seas, I've been more careful than usual and managed to sink several UK fleets. U-boats and Italian navy have been beat up pretty bad, but holding.

This is the 1941 scenario at Intermediate +1 difficulty. I figure if I can get a decent game against the computer opponent at this level, then that's about right.

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RE: France - I think what is needed is a little Axis AI scripting that sets tile objectives near Paris as priorities once Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands have been conquered. I too have noticed that it is possible to defend longer against the AI. I don't think it's possible in H2H.
There is Axis AI scripting for continuous offensive to Paris after Brussels is captured. And Germany gets an extra armor corps and AF with Axis AI. Biggest problem is AI does not use its AFs effectively. When it does, and I have seen it happen, Paris usually falls easily.

I'll have to rerun the early campaign with my latest changes (reduced adjacent enemy unit penalty) and see if there's any improvement. Or, I could add another extra unit, probably an infantry corps.

Another thing. *Knowing* the AI has a weakness here, there's nothing to prove by beating it with a sucker punch. I generally let the French defend themselves with minimal UK intervention so I can get into a decent game. Alternatively, there's the 1941 scenario which skips all this.

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I'm at the end of 1942, and still holding the Germans nicely in Russia. But a strange situation has developed. The AI has massed nearly all it's units in the south, leaving the northern Russian front very lightly held! It's strange so I'll try and post a picture for you to see it.


Pretty strange huh?

I'm having a blast tho so no complaints!

[ May 16, 2007, 07:04 PM: Message edited by: AZGungHo ]

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I guess I'm playing with the 1st beta. I have 7 Ger AF.

1943 and I'm just about done mopping up Russia..although I have yet to get past the urals into what's left of the russians..which is a fair amount. I might have shifted things to the west to quick and not left enough in russia.

I attacked Vichy africa knowing the US likes to invade there. I pummel them with 1 elite panzer and 2 ital elite air...and 1 ital and 2 ger strategic air. I really like using them to attack ships and obliterate transports.

Rockets move too slow to get much done in the east so I usually put them in france for defense.And if the allies invade they make for nice ranged attacks.

I definitely like this mod..although I never played A3R...I was an expert at regular 3R:)

Thanks for the work. Awesome!!!!!!!

I'll wait for your hot fix to start another game.

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Is there something special I need to do to download this one?
No, maybe you've got an issue with cmmods?

The AI has massed nearly all it's units in the south, leaving the northern Russian front very lightly held! It's strange
I've seen this too. AI should be defending its capital with a higher priority, so I don't know.

From my game experience and others' reports, at least as far as the computer opponent is concerned, I'm thinking defense may be too tough. In my current game at end of 1943, Allies have managed to secure Africa in preparation for invading Italy and USSR is slowly advancing but Smolensk-Kharkov-Rostov is still holding. Either I might try reducing some entrenchment values (but that's a two-edged sword and may create new problems) or resign myself to giving the AI at least +1.5 for a "decent" challenge. At least scripts seem to be working better this time around.

Give me a couple more days to wrap up my game in progress and then do a quick verification of the changes on Axis AI into France. Hopefully I'll have an update posted Friday evening. Also, I'm thinking this may be a "final" update for this version and not a beta hotfix. Since Battlefront announced the SC2-WaW expansion yesterday, I can now say it's time for me to move on and start updating A3R to a new & improved version. :cool:

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OK, updates are now posted at CMMODS. I'd like to say the AI is fine-tuned to perfection, but... My recommendation now for a decent challenge against the computer opponent is Intermediate +1.5, and then try higher if that's not good enough. Also, try using the soft builds option and let the AI purchase some extra units. I shall see what I can do with the new expansion pack features to improve these campaigns.

Changes made:



- reduced Adjacent Enemy Units Penalty back to +1.

- adjusted slightly setup position for Mannerheim AG near Helsinki.

- changed Manstein entry date to Apr 42 on P/Q.

- added city Voronezh at 128,25, primarily to boost USSR by a few MPPs and to create a more continuous front between Moscow and Stalingrad.

- set Baltic States to Allied alignment.


- adjusted transport and transport_minor scripts to expedite UK and USA reinforcements to Iraq if Axis units are within 2 tiles of Cairo. Fixed activation criteria for possible USA reinforcements to Egypt or Iraq. UK reinforcements to Egypt will increase once USA is at war.

- added transport_minor scripts for additional UK reinforcements to Egypt once USA is at war.

- adjusted fleet scripts for evacuation of UK naval units from Red Sea if Axis capture Cairo and Egypt surrenders. Deleted the scripts for evacuation of USA fleets (transports) since this is unlikely.

- adjusted convoy scripts to increase default USA Lend Lease transfers to 25% and UK Murmansk transfers to 35%. This should help shift Allied AI MPPs to USSR. Human playes can readjust these during play.

- changed USA North Africa invasion scripts back to 100% triggers. Variability with 75% triggers caused problems with the sequencing.

- adjusted fleets scripts for activation of USA naval support for liberating UK and North Africa invasions. Fleets should now precede transports to clear a path.

- added garrison scripts for Voronezh and Voronezh defensive line.

- adjusted D-Day invasion and reinforcement scripts.

- adjusted transport_minor scripts to slightly slow down USA reinforcements to UK while North Africa invasions are underway.

- adjusted purschase scripts to slightly increase chance of USA air fleet builds in 1942.

- adjusted 1939 offensive script for German invasion of Baltic States.

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AI in oryginal SC2 is easy...

In Your Mod is better? (If change You scripts, units etc.?)

Firstly, I won't say "better" bacause there are some fundamental differences. A3R is just different, relative to SC2.

As far as my AI scripting, I have scripted all the basic historical Axis and Allied strategies, as well as numerous variants. I have also included a few ahistorical strategies at the higher difficulty level: Sealion, Spain, Turkey, Allied invasion of Balkans, etc. I have verified Sealion works, for better or worse, but haven't seen the other ahistorical strategies. If anyone does get them in a game, I'd appreciate knowing how things went.

Axis AI is pretty solid, although it sometimes has a tough time with France in 1940 because it doesn't use air fleets effectively. But the rest is challenging. In one game at Intermediate +1, it took me until Sept 45 for Germany to surrender.

Allied AI is OK, but has tended to break down after 1943. Scripting Allied advances in the Med and Italy is particularly challenging. And getting USSR to really shift to the offensive has been an issue. My latest changes should have helped some, but you'll have to judge for yourself.

FYI, I am well into converting the campaigns to the new SC2-WaW format. In addition to lots of new stuff, I'm probably going to restrict Germany to only 4 U-Boats and not allow armor corps upgrades to 5-6. In A3R there were only 2 heavy panzer corps anyway. I've come to the conclusion that allowing most all German armor corps to be upgraded is destabilizing, especially on the Russian Front.

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