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  1. Actually I also noticed Russian HQs bunching up in the same area(I took Leningrad and they were in the forest protecting the next city east). I just figured they had so many they could use them as units to defend:) I also see lots of Russian air attacking anything. And they seem to have a lot compared to my paltry air playing at intermediate.
  2. Juheepers...I got to start all over on Normal difficulty <cough> beginners which btw is mislabeled ..I'm no beginner after 40 + years:) It's just a 10% decrease in MMP for intermediate correct? apparently I need that 10%. Playing Germans at intermediate I just feel stalled unit/mmp wise in May 1942. True I did take Leningrad. But stalled at Rostov and way short of Moscow (didn't even get Orel) So with AI being limited to being AI, I am pretty impressed with the AI changes. At least no more charge of the light brigade by them. True they still feel compelled to attack at crummy
  3. NP. At least keep the setup file if you deleted it. I had been looking for an old external drive I had which I suspected had my origina GC set up. Found it and installed. Normally gold means to mean the whole game and then some tho clearly this gold was an addon. At any rate after 2 turns of AC I give it a big thumbs up;)
  4. I see I can't even play SC Gold anymore. It needs GC so clearly gold is just an expansion. I must have erased GC since I thought gold would be all I need. I do have GC on my older networked computer but I don't think you can just copy the game folder. So I need to get the GC setup file so will contact support since it's outdate which makes this topic now void. Sorry;)
  5. Bought AC requires base game SCWWII GC to install. ok. I don't have SCWWII GC anymore on my drive. I do have the gold version which one would assume the base game being GC. Went to my email to get link for GC to DL and its expired, naturally:) I don't see why GC gold wouldn't work for the base game since that's an enhanced GC? thanks
  6. I have a gEFORCE gtx 460. I see there are other posts on this. I may just turn shaders off for now:)
  7. I feel your pain:) When I first bought a PC (286) I said "a separate video card?" after using a C64. The PC wasn't meant for gaming although it had the computing power. Computers or at least video cards need to be socialized;)
  8. Does everyone get flickering on the bldgs and to some extent bushes? Its like flicker shadows above the window heads and at the floorline. Very annoying. Tried balanced and high detail. Everything else fine. Veh and soldiers are nice! Hot game. Haven't played it yet but I got that feel.Fined tuned CMBO and thats good.
  9. I play RT exclusively. Just never cared for the WEGO. Either way I like tiny battles which is a lot to command properly in itself. I need two hours so usually play quick battles. (Didn't think I could edit time in the campaigns so might try that). Whats nice about RT is you pause to make all your orders and then can get right down to the action of a couple units to watch the glory:) Again pausing when new threats or orders arise. Its a lot of pausing but it still seems to have a good flow. I pause sometimes when I see tracer fire to see where its coming from.
  10. I often use quick move. They will still fire at targets. If it gets to heavy I just cancel the move till the fire lightens up. And moving quick in the open is a good thing actually. Its what they'd do. Hunting is mostly for moving when you don't know whats out there since they will stop when spotting target(s). I don't use hunt if there are targets in front of me since they won't move. I use quick. And if you need to get into a bldg crossing open gorund..even fast is appropiate. Moving slow is just for creeping foward a small distance to get a better firing location.
  11. Also the Germans often only had one Company in HT's even though the TOE said the whole BN due to shortages. The Americans on the other hand....
  12. This is true. ah but a Kelly's Heroes campaign:) Prolly fit in 3 battles...the minfield,the river crossing,and the finale;) oo 3 tigers vs one sherman lol. can the AI make them drive dumb?
  13. That was my question a few days ago. Then I clicked on the "plus" sign after pruchasing a BN. I like the method now that I know it as said above it keeps the command link. Also when our purchasing individual vehicles or special units make sure the unit you then attached to (ie: BN,Co, or Plt commander) is highlighted. Important for C&C It's a backwards way of purchasing but I see why it's that way and it works perfectly. So much fun..you have a few minus points and need to cut someone...but from where:) Every point matters so some units will have less experience etc and even swap a
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