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  1. When playing Allies, I used to max out diplomacy investments for Russia. I had about a 1 in 20 success rate at getting Russia involved sooner. I've come to the conclusion that it wasn't worth it (to me). I'd much rather have the 600 MPP, which would buy an extra aircraft carrier and fighter unit! Those two units have better than a 1 in 20 chance of changing the game!
  2. I enjoyed the game too Bill! Allied reflections on the game: This was my first venture into a PvP with this mini-campaign. I enjoyed it, and it really renewed my interest in the full campaign. I recommend this (and the other mini scenarios) for anyone feeling a little "burned out" from Operation Z... although it's hard to get burned out on that one! Without a doubt, my success in this match was due to three factors. First, the Japs were aggressive in the Arakan. Matching that aggression and inflicting any losses there for the Japs meant they wouldn't be able to send needed reinfor
  3. March '44? Unless you've got units ready to go near Australia and can hit both the east AND western sides, I'd say it's too late to go after them. Russia will ramp up soon and you'll have your hands full if you don't hit them before they join. I'd recommend getting units maxed up in technology and reinforcements, move them into place, and take a shot at the USSR. Unless you're concerned about the USA coming (and they will!).
  4. Your British India infantry unit at 20,34 has maintained control of the port, so taking Chittagong will destroy the city but not the port. As soon as you destory that unit and move to the tile, you should see the port switch sides.
  5. Vista likes to "make things easier"...so it sometimes hides things! Argh. I had the same problem, and Vista sends my PBEM games to a "Virtual Store" folder. If you're using Vista, look in "your profile"/AppData/Local/VirtualStore/Program Files/Battlefront/Strategic Command WW2 Pacific Theater/Multiplayer/Email. That's where I found Vista hiding mine. Once I found that, I right clicked dragged a shortcut to my desktop. When I download a turn, I can easily locate the folder and save turns there, email them, etc. Hope this helps JJR.
  6. It's hard to give you suggestions without revealing any hints! Hopefully this won't be a game buster: Remember your historical hindsight! All I can say if you are going to go blind into it as the Japanese (as I did in the very first Beta version) is, Buckle Up and hold on for a crazy ride! Doing it this way can certainly add to the tension for sure. The AAR holds many hints, so you may or may not want to read that - your call. As a Vet from the old SC1 days, I would suggest you totally disregard your old strategies on naval warfare. Placement, modes, and proper spotting techniques are
  7. Willy - I believe the MacArthur script is 100% historical with his arrival in Adelade. Bill can fill you in on this one. But between the PT boats, bomber planes, trains, (and automobiles?), the date he arrives in Australia in the game matches the date in history. Is that what you are referring to?
  8. I think you're starting to face the exact same problems that frustrated the Imperial Japanese Army!!
  9. Speaking as the playtester in the match described by Bill, I'll add some more thoughts there. As the Allies, I was attempting a "defend Dutch East Indies at all costs" strategy. Those are valuable MPPs going to British India, and really helps the Japanese. So I immediately put my 2 USN carriers to sail and brought them around the south end of Australia...upgrading them in a brief layover in Australia ports. I snuck my reinforced British carrier to the south end of Java to link up with the USN. I had an armada of ships at my disposal. I dangled a unit within spotting range of a IJN flatto
  10. Rocko1, The manual describes it best. But for a Reader's Digest version: Fighter mode - Use this if you are worried about air strikes against your carrier or ships within CAP range. Naval/Tactical - Use this for best results when hitting other ships or ground units. Think of it as arming your planes with torpedoes or HE bombs. Mix - A mixture of both modes. Not as good vs. other planes, and not as good vs. ships/ground units...but better than fighter vs. ships and naval/tactical vs. fighters. A good compromise if you want to attack another ship, but are worried about their combat air
  11. Speaking for my experience with the AAR... Yes, FOW was a b-tch. But that's what REALLY adds to the flavor of the Pacific Campaign! At times, the tension was really paltable and I was really stressing about where Japan had their flattops! You can read by the AAR that it's vital. The Brits never invested anything in Intelligence... they were too busy trying to hold the Japs at the Salween River in Burma! And I very nearly lost that front... which would have folded like a cheap suit! China doesn't have the money to invest in Intelligence. It was strictly Anti-Aircraft and Infantry Weap
  12. Sorry to hear that Happycat! Don't worry, Battlefront is pretty consistent about getting back to people, regardless of the issue. I believe that you can contact them at elicense@battlefront.com, and they may answer you pretty quick (even after hours or on weekends from what I hear!). If not, you may have to wait until regular business hours, but don't be surprised if they work it out with you. Good luck, and enjoy the game!
  13. Nice newspaper release Battlefront! Very clever! Go download it folks and get out there and fight those Japs off!
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