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I Want a Pony!


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Originally posted by Barrold:

Steve said there would be ponies with reactive armor and lasers in another thread. They will also have their health bars filled by eating the cheese power-ups liberally sprinkled on the battlefield.


Cheese power-ups are soooooo unrealistic. :rolleyes: Why couldn't they make them apples or carrots. Even sugar cubes would have been better. And the skins for the ponies are so common. I hope someone is working on some rad pony skins.
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Originally posted by Michael Emrys:

</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by dalem:

I want a pony.

Might have known it wouldn't be long before you'd be demanding a drink. Talk to Seanachai. Doesn't he owe you a couple of bottles of something or other?

Michael </font>

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The Pony Remark from Seinfeld:

Scene: Dinner at Manya and Issac's apartment. They are celebrating their 50'th wedding anniversary.

JERRY: Horses. They're like big riding dogs.

ELAINE: What about ponies? What kind of abnormal animal is that? And those kids who had their own ponies..

JERRY: I know, I hated those kids. In fact, I hate anyone that ever had a pony when they were growing up.

MANYA: ..I had a pony.

(The room is dead quiet)

JERRY: ..Well, I didn't really mean a pony, per se.

MANYA: (Angry) When I was a little girl in Poland, we all had ponies. My sister had pony, my cousin had pony, ..So, what's wrong with that?

JERRY: Nothing. Nothing at all. I was just merely expressting..

HELEN: Should we have coffee? Who's having coffee?

MANYA: He was a beautiful pony! And I loved him.

JERRY: Well, I'm sure you did. Who wouldn't love a pony? Who wouldn't love a person that had a pony?

MANYA: You! You said so!

JERRY: No, see, we didn't have ponies. I'm sure at the time in Poland, they were very common. They were probably like compact cars..

MANYA: That's it! I've had enough! (She leaves the room)

ISAAC: Have your coffee, everyone. She's a little upset. It's been an emotional day.

(Isaac leaves, everyone looks at Jerry)

JERRY: I didn't know she had a pony. How was I to know she had a pony? Who figures an immigrant's going to have a pony? Do you know what the odds are on that? I mean, in all the pictures I saw of immigrants on boats coming into New York harbor, I never saw one of them sitting on a pony. Why would anybody come here if they had a pony? Who leaves a country packed with ponies to come to a non-pony country? It doesn't make sense.. am I wrong? :D:D

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