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EEP system hard locks

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Running win2k w/ geforce 3

asus A7v mobo

intellimouse explorer

my IRQ's are fine(have tried both using ACPI and standard PC to be sure)

but every 5-10min the game simply hard locks, requiring a reboot.

all drivers(and i do mean all) are updated, the computer is well kept, no old drivers lying arround. you get the picture.

so whats up? anyone having this problem. anyone got a fix?

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Guest ckoharik

Running Win2K/Geforce 3 (12.41 drivers)

Soyo K7ADA

Logitech Optical

Works fine with the notable exception of the corruption of text with FSAA enabled. The game has run for hours on end with nary a problem.

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What sound card/chip do you have ? I'd suggest disabling ambient sounds at the beginning and see if this allows you to play for a longer period without lockups.

Are you overclocking anything, such as the CPU or video card ? You say that your IRQs are fine, is anything sharing an IRQ with your video or sound ?

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And, of course, let's not forget the old adage that "the newest drivers are not necessarily the best drivers." Gad I could just SCREAM when I think of the nastiness I endured while trying to change drivers in my old Elsa ErazorII card.



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