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WAW Tournament - The K Man Vs Konigs (The Rematch)

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Eygpt: US corp that moved across Suez is taken out. Aircraft Carrier is attacked by fighters.

In the East: Russian Corp taken out by Special Commando forces. The Army that retook Kuybyshev is rudely welcomed & destroyed by a group of Paratroopers & Corp. Kuybyshev is an open city.

Another Russian corp taken out by another Paratrooper/Corp combo.

Western Front: Rain grounds Planes. Corp takes out a low strength corp & retreats. Most of the other forces are regrouping.

New Fronts: Archangel is bombed...

Tripoli is bombed...

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Kuybyshev is occupied again, more troops advance into region.

US forces in Egypt do and amphib landing and destroy a German armywith TAC bomber help and the USN. A corp lands closer to Damascus and cuts the Rail road to Axis forces in and near Amman.

In France a TAC bomber flys and reinforcements land.

Rain seems to be hittingthe Axis air armies last few turns. This is allowing for proper resupply with no interuptions.

See you smile.gif

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AF: Nice move on the Amphib. Didn't expect it there. (Thought maybe elsewhere.) Good way to get the troops in. Wonder if your amphibs were as costly as Germans (for the Turkey attack.)

2 US armies & 1 corp are dealt with in a hurry. All 3 destroyed (2 under supply 5) with combination Corp, Army, Tank, Fighters. Army & Stuka also knock an Artillery down to 3.

East: Rain Again...No wonder there are alot of suicidal Russian Corps. I would too, if it rained that much.

A corp & Special Forces KIA one of the Russian Corps. Another Corp in Kuybyshev, is dealt a death blow by an Army & 2 paratroopers. City is open again. (Why do we keep fighting over this city? So I can get the spelling down without looking at it. Once I do that, I can move on.)

West: Rain (you were expecting something else?) A corp & Army combine to elimate a corp.

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We continue the battle of Kuybyshev and bring in more troops.

Egypt forces try to salvage front as Expected supply problems for Axis did not arise from cutting Railroad.

German army down in the West. More reinforcements arrive.

Lookin bleak, need a big miscue by K-man and that is not likely. smile.gif

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Axis forces are holding the lines.

May 1944. On a new front, Denmark, the UK Cruiser is sunk by a Battleship/Cruiser exchanging positions in Port.

West: Artillery & Army target & kill a Corp.

AF: Fighter/Stuka/corp knock out a Artillery.

East: More dead Russians. One Army, & Two Corps. Kuybyshev is left open, again...

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Yes, forces digging in.

A stuka attacks a Sherman division in France. (AA defends.) I wonder what strength it was at. Moved an AT to continue the attack, and Sherman was already down to 2. Had I known that, would have used more air to take it out. Could have not attacked with AT, but figured better not take any chances.

Frustration in the East. Two bombers attack the Archangel port. All 4 strikes have odds of zero hits on Bomber, 1 on port. No hits on a 5 strength port, but 2 hits on the bombers. Agghhh!

Since no one seems to want Kuybyshev Germans move in & retake. (I think I've got the spelling down.) Fighter flys on an army. Otherwise quiet.

AF: Forces regroup...

Looks like Allies are up to something in Denmark area. :D

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Counter attacks in the east. 2 Russian Armies & 2 corps are destroyed, near Kuybyshev.

The AT moves off in the west. (Wow was it lucky.) Forces are regrouping...

The luck runs out on the Port of Archangel. Bombers finally hit. Convoys are stopped from coming in.

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Weather has been clear for a few turns, but I think we were both kinda regrouping, waiting or ?

No more waiting in the West. Stukas strike first vs a group of Sherams on the border of Vichy France. AA counters taken out some Stukas before the attack. 70% of the tanks are destroyed. A Pz-Grenadier force moves down to finish off the rest of the Shermans with our Panzerfaust's.

A UK corp west of Paris is also struck with Stukas. They are escorted by BF-109's who end up with a dogfight with American planes. These Stukas also take out about 70% of the fighting force. An army in Paris, attacks the corp, but it still hangs on to life (1 strength.) That's it, no more booze & women for that division. Unit moves out of Paris. A German corp finally finishes off the pesky UK corp from across the river.

A tiger tank division moves in to attack an upgraded Candian corp. Takes two hits, but the corp is shattered.

A german army group moves down to attack the UK army in the middle of the attacks. Artillery flies against the german army, so only half of the British are wiped out. Another tiger tank division moves in, knocking out the army and attacking an AA gun. (70% damage.)

A corp moves in to finish off the guns.

2 HQ's and 3 planes are now exposed with limited protection.

Meanwhile in the east, Archangel port is bombed once, & the army at Kazan is now surrounded. Fighters fly & attack the army.

AF: Stukas fly with escorts attacking another fighter division, and battling in the air with an aircraft carrier.

Its July 23, 1944. The stranglehold will continue...

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Aug 1944: Previous Allied turn, Allies start to pull back in the west. Russian corps move down in the east to attack a German army (almost kill it, down to 1.) In Africa they attack another german army (60% damage.)

Axis turn: No mercy is shown on the allies.

AF: Upgraded Indian Corp is taken by Stuka/Army.

East: 5 Russian Corps and the army on Kazan are destroyed. Only 2 cities left now in the Urals & Archangel (port @ 1.) Not much left for the army.

West: Corp, Clark (HQ), Artillery, O'Connor (HQ), Army in Caen, and two UK Fighters are destroyed before they can make their escape.

Looks like only 3 units remain in France. HQ & Corp on the 2 cities, and one US figher group.

Axis continue to push on...

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Sorry for not posting for a couple of days guys. Was under the weather.

"ALLIES Agree on Nazi policies for a unified Europe." British and US forces to finish the fight against the Japanese and cast off Uncle Joe and his communist regime....... smile.gif

Too much K-man not enough Konigs. I only hoped you would not follow up last round with more attacks. Not enough juice left in the Allied Arsenal. Good luck in round 2 my friend. When tourney is over look me up again for another rematch. See you guys and good luck to the rest of the "Timskorn invitational Tourney" guys.

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Thanks, glad you guys enjoyed the AAR. It was a great game. Konigs really kept me on my toes.

Other interesting things on the game:

Axis started out like gangbusters in France & Poland, but the African storms, seemed to even out the quick attack.

I didn't have my first tech hit until around Sep of 40 (even though I was maxed at 750.) I was getting really worried. I went with a tank stategy, and didn't get my 1st hit in that tech until May 41. I saw Konigs with 2 tech on AT, so knew I wasn't attacking Russia with 0 or 1 tanks. That was the main reason for an Aug attack into Russia. Finally had gotten to 2 on tanks, plus my lack of units for the front (that I would have liked to have.) Techs finally started coming in 41-42.

I got up to tech 5 on the subs, but never had the money to buy subs. My last remaining sub had hit 3 and then 4 just after I put out to sea. He was sunk by Konigs navy fairly quickly. He put up a great naval defense.

Manpower was a problem thru out the whole war. I was spending so much money on reinforcements, I couldn't buy what I really wanted...

Konigs, I'll definitely look you up after the tournament game for a rematch. You play a tough game. Hope your feeling better!

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