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  1. It has been a while since I had any issues with Strategic Command The Great War. Is this the right place to ask? Game was working fine the last time I used it. Today it gives me a message, "Your license file is missing, would you like to browse for it?" Where do I find this file? Do I need to reinstall the whole game again. I know I have my license key number, but just need to know how to fix the problem. Thanks!
  2. Worthplaying appears to have worked okay. No virus alerts like the other sites or issues with the zip file. Extracting the files now. Launching game, and works fine. Not sure why there were problems with the other 3 sites.
  3. On Gamershell, I click on the download button, within about 5 seconds, it says my download is ready. I then click that on, it asks me what I want to do with the file, (save, save as, open.) I choose save as, once I choose the location and hit okay, the McAfee window pops up, "Potentially Dangerous Download Detected!" It goes on to say, "McAfee has detected that your download contains viruses, spyware and other potentially unwanted programs. These programs can damage your hard drive or steal your personal information." I have the option to download anyway or block download. I got the same message from Atomicgamer. Tried Patches Scrolls. That site downloads a zip file. But when I try to open it, it gives me a Sorry! alert. "This installation failed to load required resources. Try cleaning your internet Explorer temp files (which I tried) but didn't work. Worthplaying was the 4th site tried. Download starts fine, just extremely slow. Guess I'll come back later to see if its done. (Never seen a download go that slow.) But it appears to downloading something...Something is better than nothing...I'll let you know! Thanks Hubert.
  4. I went to download the new patch (for AOC) 1st at the Gamershell link, then at the Atomicgamer link, and I receive a message that the file I am attempting to download contains viruses, spam, malware, etc. (I have McAfee for virus software.) Should I be concerned, or is this just a phantom message coming up? (I had not seen this message come up for any other patches I have downloaded in the past.) The most recent would be the WWI game.
  5. Thanks Bill & Hubert! Look forward to the new games! Looks like a job well done by everyone.
  6. Thanks for the reply and links. Checked out the map and it looks pretty good. It was tough going from The Great War (WWII campaign's) map back to the old Global map. I can live with the "arrows" on the maps for the scrolling, but it would be nice (in a global game) to scroll a loop like Civ. But my issue with the arrows (atleast in The Great War WWII campaign) is their locations. I preferred the first SC games where the arrows were located at the point in the map where you would be scrolling (if u could scroll). It bugs me in The Great War, if you want to take your guy out of Gibraltar and move him to Egypt via the Atlantic (not Mediterreanan) you have to move him north to the arrows in the middle of the Atlantic so he can go south around Africa. Makes no sense...IMO. Obviously in Global that shouldn't be an issue, since you should see the whole map, but I just hope any arrows that are there, make more sense.
  7. Any screenshots of the new global map for Assault on Democracy? Just curious how it compares to the other maps.
  8. I have Global Conflict. Will I be able to purchase the Assault on Communism & Democracy Expansions to work with the original Global, or will I also need to purchase the Gold expansion? Thanks!
  9. One other thing of note in MJY's game (as I am the opponent.) On that last surrender, I had not actually reconquered Iraq (atleast not in the sense of retaking the capital.) He had an Italian HQ on the capital, with multiple forces next to the city. When the turn ended, there was a different message as far as the Italians being "run out of town" and then the country turned back over to allied control. I was aware of a feature in Iraq where if u have 2 or more units near the capital, it has a chance to automatically surrender. But when I first attacked his garrison with 2 units near the city it did not surrender. I had to finally take out the garrison, occupy the capital and then it surrendered. After the axis retoke the city, I didn't expect these feature to be able to come up later. Very strange.
  10. Thanks Bill! Just emailed you the turn. It was quite a surprise. I'll be curious to know what you find.
  11. So playing Storm of Europe Campaign on patch 1.05. I am allied. I watch the replay of my axis opponent do his turn. I then get my Military Activity (all allied of course.) Then I get the Research Activity (showing two German tech hits.) I forgot for a moment which side I was on. First I thought, I never get intel hits after a replay (before my turn.) Then realized I was seeing his two hits (I assume from the turn before.) I assume this isn't an intel hit, only because I have never seen this before. Unless this is new to 1.05. (And that means I just blew my advantage in this game by letting my opponent know.) My guess is, it is a glitch...
  12. I had a infantry unit waiting off shore, but he got tired of waiting and went home
  13. I can't say anything from a mod perspective, but only from a gaming outlook... I would vote for WWI. I have both WWI and regular Global. Global was good, and really only had one thing I didn't like. After playing PDE & WAW, the map and scale of Global was too small for me. (Not a knock on the game, but just my preference.) I then got WWI when the WWII campaign was going to be added. I played a little of WWI (which was alot of fun) but then went to the WWII campaign, and the size of the map is just the best. It gives you so many more options than the old PDE/WAW games and not the restricted scale of Global. The "minor" units such as AA, artillery, AT, etc., seem to fit it much better with the WWI game map.
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