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My (first) Allied game.

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Here's is a post about my latest campaign against the Axis AI on the highest difficulty setting.

Obviously, you can't do anything at all against him taking Poland and Denmark.

But then comes France. I decided against invading the Benelux as Allied, because with the new system of hexes, you cannat defend it as well as before.

So I waited for him to come. And waited. And waited. He kept on attacking the Maginot line (he never got through) but it took him like 8 turns after the fall of Poland before he invaded the Benelux.

By that time I had the two French corpses out of North Africa in France, all French units maxed out, both UK armies there plus the UK HQ and two UK corpses from Norrth Africa. Against all this, it took him a year to get France. He lost two armies in France.

Then he waited again for ALOT of turns.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere... he declares war against Russia ! I had corpses in the south and the nrth and all my armies where at the centre with my HQ.

For some inexplicable reason he operated 5 of his best units to... Youguslavia. As if that's a priority now.

His "invasion" force for Russia consisted only of 5 German troops and 3 Italian troops between Koningsberg and Warshaw plus about 5 of the minor troops in the South.

I defend against his attack in Russia.

By that time, my UK units are repaired, so I do my favorite thing : I take Brest with the UK. You got to love amfibious landings... I keep two UK armies, a tank, a corpse and a the UK HQ there. He moves alot of units to France, so my UK troops don't get anywhere, but it costs him alot of units so...

This causes his Russian "front" to totally collapse in the centre, because he has to move units to France. I see a BIG BIG hole in his front line and jump in : the next turn I take Warshaw, the city was defended with... a HQ. Killed two airplanes on the way there too.

The next turn I opertaed a HQ to Warshaw with some extra troops. Since I don't see any German unit in Germany, I march with my Warsaw-troops to Germany and two turn later... I move in BERLIN. He operated just a corpse to it when I was almost there, but since it wasn't entreched it didn't have a chance.

His governement moved to Munich and that seemed to woke him up. He operated a tank to Munich and a bunch of troops around it. This caused the Southern Russian front to collapse too, but he wasn't getting anywhere there anyway, so...

Anyway : Munich is though. The river, the mountains, the fact that he operates all his troops there that he can... I'm ashamed to say that it took me a year to get Munich : I didn't have any tank-technology at that point, so I had to start researching it.

Once I took Munich, he surrendered with Germany and then the war was over quickly, of course : 4-5 turns later I took Rome.

So, major Allied Victory in april 1943.

Every single MPP form Russia went to Advanced Infantry until I had 5 points in it. Then I bought some corpses and after that 5 points into Heavy tanks. I didn't bother with Dimplomacy at all.

For the UK, I didn't researched ANYTHING with it, I needed every point, first to defend France, then to get my planes and troops back up to invade Brest, then to repair my troops in France.

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Well, from other threads i read, The crew are working on means to improve the AI. I think the reason the axis player stops after poland and denmark is because of weather, didnt he invade after the weather died down into clear? Thats what the Axis AI does against me

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Getting confused reading that at first. All I could imagine is the World Map covered with gaint dead people.

It was only halfway though it dawned on me CORPS!

Not taking the mick at all just thought it was funny. I should have got onto to it sooner.

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